• Bus carrying college students topples in Karkala

    Karkala: A bus carrying college students toppled at Gudiyadka here on Tuesday July 21. At least 25 students injured in the incident. The bus was carrying students to BBM college. It is said that the driver of the bus veered to the side in order to give way for another vehicle to pass. However, as the road was narrow, the bus fell off the road and plunged into a stream. Later three cranes were brought to the spot to pull out the bus. The injured were admitted to a local hospital. ...

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  • NASA's manned mission to Mars possible by 2039

    New York : NASA may be able to land astronauts on Mars cost-effectively by 2039 if the US space agency takes a stepwise approach that includes a manned trip to the red planet's moon Phobos, scientists say.

    Sending astronauts to Mars is the top long-term priority of NASA's human-spaceflight programme.

    "Mars is possible, and in a time horizon of interest," said Hoppy Price, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

    Price said that it is a good idea to get astronauts to Mars orbit - specifically, to Phobos or Deimos, one of Mars' two tiny moons - before trying to land them on the dusty Martian surface.

    Breaking up a manned red planet campaign into two discrete parts dilutes the risks and costs, making them more manageable on a year-by-year basis, he said.

    Price and two colleagues at JPL have drawn up a proposed mission architecture that gets astronauts to Phobos by 2033, then down to the surface of Mars by 2039, 'Space.com' reported.

    The design is just a concept, not an official NASA strategy, Mr Price said. He hopes the concept will help people view manned Mars exploration in a more optimistic light.

    The plan, which was devised by Mr Price, John Baker and Firouz Naderi, would establish a base on Phobos, a roughly 16 kilometres-wide moon that orbits 6,000 km from the Martian surface.

    This would require four launches of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket, which is currently in development and is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2018.

    The first Phobos-oriented SLS launch, in 2029, would loft a space tug and two chemical-propulsion payloads - a Phobos Transfer Stage and a Trans-Earth Injection Stage.

    The tug would use solar-electric propulsion (SEP) to haul the two payloads to Mars orbit in just less than four years.

    A second SLS liftoff would carry another SEP tug and the Phobos base, which could support a crew of four.

    The third SLS launch, around 2032, would carry a deep-space habitat and a Mars Orbit Insertion Stage to Earth orbit.

    Another SLS liftoff would then send NASA's Orion capsule and a crew of four up to meet this preplaced gear, which would help take the astronauts to Mars orbit in a journey lasting 200 to 250 days.

    The waiting Phobos Transfer Stage would ferry the astronauts down to the base in 2033, where the crew would remain for about 300 days. The astronauts would then head back to Earth.

    A similar multistep approach could get astronauts to the Martian surface in 2039, but this second phase of the red planet effort would require six SLS launches, not four, Price said.


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  • Princess Charlotte to be christened on July 5

    London: Britain's newest baby Princess Charlotte is to be christened one month from today on July 5.
    The ceremony for Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child and fourth in line to the country's throne will take place privately at a church on Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham estate, Kensington Palace announced today.
    The statement said: "Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce the christening of Princess Charlotte will take place on Sunday, 5th July, at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham.
    "Princess Charlotte will be christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby.
    "William and Kate are currently living at Anmer Hall on the estate, which is where they are expected to spend much of their time while their children are young," the statement added.
    The house is only around three miles from the church, which is where the royal family usually attends a Christmas service.
    The date in early July may have been chosen as it fits with the Queen's plans before she leaves for her Balmoral Castle residence in Scotland for the summer.
    The princess' older brother George was also christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at St. James's Palace in London in October 2013.
    That service was also an intimate gathering, with around 60 friends and family members attending.
    George, who is now almost two years old, wore a Honiton lace christening gown, which was a replica of the one used by more than 60 members of the Royal Family since 1841.


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  • Google apologises to Narendra Modi for listing his image in ‘Top 10 Criminals’ list

    <p style="text-align: justify;"><font face="Arial" size="2">New Delhi: Internet giant Google has tendered an apology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his images emerged in its search results for ‘Top 10 Criminals’.</font></p><font face="Arial" size="2"> </font><p style="text-align: justify;"><font face="Arial" size="2">It was a complete failure of Google Algorithm, which boasted of being free of error. “It definitely troubles us. This is not reflective of our opinion. We apologise for this. We are working to prevent such expected results,” said Google.</font></p><font face="Arial" size="2"> </font><p style="text-align: justify;"><font face="Arial" size="2">#Top10Criminals was among the top trends on Tuesday morning and triggered a rage among Modi followers. The list also features many others including former U.S. President George Bush along with hardcore criminals and terrorists of the world.</font></p><font face="Arial" size="2"> </font><p style="text-align: justify;"><font face="Arial" size="2">While the anti-Modi forces such as Congress and Aam Aadmi Party cadres rejoiced at this development, saying Modi would have to pay such a price for his alleged role in 2002 Gujarat riots, many others have slammed Google for such goof-up.</font></p>

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/XvxR7cK5K1M?list=PLzjPDNc5ZgsAVtLjPFkwHe5bwuQoUB9gk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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  • 80-year-old Chinese joins Islamic State, says Muslims face oppression in China

    Beijing: The Islamic State in its latest video has shown how an elderly man, aged 80 left China along with his family to fight alongside the extremists in Syria.
    According to a Daily Mail report, the octogenarian man named Muhammed Amin appears in an ISIS video shot in a Syria school, where he explains how he “was subjected to oppression in Turkestan (Xinjiang) at the hands of the Chinese... for 60 years”.
    'I made hijrah (religious journey) accompanied by my four grandsons, my daughter and my wife,' the Daily Mail quotes the old man speaking in the video.
    The ISIS video also shows some scenes where children in schools are shown chatting 'martyrdom' and issuing a warning to the Chinese.
    The man says he left China for Syria after seeing a video of his jihadi son being killed in Syria.
    Dressed in fatigues and brandishing an AK-47, 80-year-old Amin adds that Muslims have been facing oppression in China.
    'I came to Islamic State and went to training camp despite my old age...I went to training camp and I crawled, I ran and I rolled. I did almost everything and ended training camp well,” said Amin.
    However, despite the training he was not allowed to participate in battle.
    Amin, who is said to have been a member of the minority Muslim Uighur in Xinjiang, says he was an imam.
    Chinese officials have earlier confirmed that Muslims from Xinjiang were travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS


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  • Sale of American arms to Pakistan a worry: India

    New Delhi: Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday expressed concern over arms sale to Pakistan, ahead of his meeting with visiting US defence secretary Ashton Carter that took place later in the day.

    Mr Parrikar, known for his witty one-liners, also took a dig at Pakistan when a journalist told him that his recent comment on using terrorists to neutralise terrorists had spooked the neighbour (unko mirchi lagi hai).

    Mr Parrikar replied, “I will not go into what Pakistan feels about that but mirchi, woh bhi Andhra ki, lagi hai (they have felt the sting of spicy Andhra chillies).”

    On arms sales to Pakistan, Mr Parrikar said, “I will not comment on specifics, but any arms sale to Pakistan is a concern to India,” he said. He was also asked if this issue would be raised during his meeting with Mr Carter which was scheduled for later on Wednesday.


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  • FIFA scandal: Jack Warner set to reveal 'avalanche' of secrets

    Zaurich: Jack Warner, a former FIFA vice president implicated in the corruption scandal roiling world football, said Wednesday he can prove a link between football`s global governing body and his country`s 2010 elections.
    Warner, facing possible extradition to the United States after he was indicted by American authorities on corruption charges, has emerged as a key figure in the drama that culminated in FIFA president Sepp Blatter`s stunning resignation on Tuesday.
    On Wednesday, Warner used a pre-recorded paid political broadcast televised on TV6 in Trinidad and Tobago to say he has compiled a file of documents that shows "a link between FIFA, its funding and me, the link between FIFA its funding and the United National Congress (UNC) and the People`s Partnership government in (Trinidad and Tobago`s) general election 2010."
    The TV6 website reported that in the five-minute broadcast, Warner said the file "also deals with my knowledge of international transactions at FIFA, including its president Mr Sepp Blatter and, lastly, other matters involving (Trinidad and Tobago`s) current prime minister."
    In the January 2010 UNC internal election, Warner endorsed Kamla Persad-Bissessar as UNC leader. She went on to be elected the country`s first woman prime minister, but Warner later broke with her government and party.
    Warner, free on bond after his arrest last week, is one of 14 current or former FIFA officials and sports marketing executives accused by US prosecutors of taking part in a sweeping kickbacks scheme going back 20 years and totalling $150 million in bribes given or received.
    In his television address he said he feared for his life, and indicated he will fight extradition.
    "I have no intention of allowing them to deprive me of my freedom," he said.
    Warner also apologised for not disclosing his knowledge of the alleged links previously.
    “Not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming” he said. “The die is cast. There can be no turning back. Let the chips fall where they fall.” he added.


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  • Two Delhi-based women gangraped in Goa by five men posing as cops

    Panaji: Two Delhi-based women were allegedly gangraped and assaulted by five men, who posed as officers of the anti-narcotic cell of police, at a flat in Anjuna beach village in North Goa, police said on Wednesday.

    The women, aged 22 and 30, were holidaying in Goa and had hired a taxi to go to Anjuna beach when the accused stopped them midway in Arpora village posing as anti-narcotic cell officers.

    "The accused posed as policemen and waylaid a taxi in which the two women were travelling to Anjuna on Monday night," Superintendent of Police Umesh Gaonkar told PTI on Wednesday.

    They frisked the women's bags and then took them to the flat where they allegedly raped and beat them.

    All the five accused were arrested on Wednesday from the flat, in the presence of victims, after the taxi driver complained to the police.

    They were attached to a controversial nightclub at Calangute village which was recently demolished by local people for allegedly being a prostitution den.

    The accused were identified as Travor Joseph, Jeevan Pawar, Kamlesh Chowdhary, Ajay Kumar Khushwa and Nadim Sayyed.

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  • 11 Indians have joined Islamic State: Report

    New Delhi: The Indian government has always watered down the impact of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on the country's youth. However, according to a secret report compiled by the Intelligence Bureau on the status of Indians fighting for the ISIS, a total of 11 Indians had joined the terror group.
    As per the report, of the 11, six were from Gulf countries holding different passports and rest were resident Indians.
    Till now, the intelligence agencies have officially identified four Kalyan youths (Areeb Majeed, Aman Naeem Tandel, Fahad Tanvir Shaikh and Sahim Farooq Tanki) as the ones who had travelled to Iraq and joined the IS last year.
    The report identified five Indians who have died fighting for the ISIS. Faiz Masood from Bengaluru, Sahim Farooq Tanki from Kalyan and Abdul Qadir Sultan Armar from Karnataka, Haneef Waseem from Hyderabad are among those identified as dead.
    Five Indians are still fighting for the purpose of the ISIS.
    A daily has quoted a latest report by Indian intelligence agencies on ISIS as saying that the terror outfit, banned in India under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act [UAPA], has failed to recruit activists from the South Asian country because it has not found any traction among the Muslim youth here.
    Majeed, who returned to India last year, has been chargesheeted by the National Investigation Agency. Majeed was arrested on his return to Mumbai after spending nearly six months in Iraq. He was booked under the UAPA on charges of conspiring to commit a terrorist act and being a member of a banned foreign terror outfit, and under the stringent Section 125 of the IPC for "waging war against the nation".
    The whereabouts of the other youths of Indian origin are not known.
    The daily further quoted sources as saying that the ISIS first radicalised these 11 youths, recruited and trained them, and later sent them to fight in Iraq and Syria.
    The report added: "No Indian has joined ISIS in last six months".
    "After reports that ISIS had recruited these 11 men, there was swift action by different agencies. Several young boys in many states were tracked and some were questioned too. Despite its attempts, the extremist group has lost its appeal. There has been no recruitment and no Indian has travelled to the region in six months. The activities on social networking sites are continuously monitored and immediate action is taken if something suspicious is noticed," the daily quoted an intelligence official as saying.


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  • Pranab, Modi to visit Israel

    It has also been said that President Pranab Mukherjee will travel to Israel in mid-October and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in the next few months President Mukherjee will travel to Palestine and Jordan as well during the visit, officials have confirmed.. The visits of the President, Prime Minister and the other ministers mark a considerable shift from the past, when despite a historic trip by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2003 and subsequent visits by senior members of the Israeli cabinet, Indian leaders, with the exception of Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna in 2012, have avoided making the visit out of concern for Palestinian sensibilities and those of other West Asian countries. However, a senior official in the MEA denied that the planned trips were part of any change in India’s position. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had rejected any “tilt towards Israel” during her press conference in May, and a similar denial was issued by the MEA this month when India abstained from a vote against Israel at the UNHRC. The government’s actions, and planned visits, however, do point to a departure from past policy and are more in line with the BJP’s policy of bettering ties with Israel, a senior party leader told the media. ...

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  • Not invited for Beti Bachao programme: Haryana Health minister

    Chandigarh: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij, who courted controversy after questioning the state government's move to rope in actress Parineeti Chopra for 'Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao' initiative, today claimed he has not been invited to a key event related to the campaign. As the issue yet again brought to fore the apparent strain in his ties with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, the health minister took to Twitter to deny any differences. "I don't know who is organising this function, so how can I go there and attend it," Vij said today referring to the 'Call for Action' event at Gurgaon being organised by the state government this evening under the Centre's flagship scheme. Notably, both Health and Education are key departments along with the Women and Child Department, which has been made the nodal department, for the success of the Narendra Modi government's BBBP programme. Khattar, State's Women and Child Development Minister Kavita Jain, Parineeti, US Ambassador Richard Verma, besides other dignitaries are slated to take part in the event. Last week, Parineeti Chopra was announced as the brand ambassador for the campaign by the Haryana government after which Vij had expressed ignorance on the issue and even went on to say that they do not need "any actor or actress for this campaign". Vij today said, "I am not aware what the programme is all about. My department (Health) does not have any intimation. Moreover, the Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma's name also does not figure in government advertisements issued in the print media today about the event. So, I presume he too must not be invited for the function". Vij, who was considered to be in the race for chiefministership after BJP won the polls in Haryana last year, has often taken veiled jibes over functioning of Khattar. However, he today sought to downplay any differences with the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is my dear friend. I neither have any differences with him nor any difference of opinion," Vij posted on his twitter handle. He said that the talk of differences is a creation of Congress leaders who had to bite the dust at the hustings. 'Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao' campaign, aimed at ensuring survival, protection and empowerment of the girl child, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Panipat in the state in January this year, an event in which Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit had also been present. ...

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  • 'Maggi' noddels row: Production stopped at Nanjangud unit

    Nanjangud: The production of '2-minute Maggi' noodles has been temporarily stopped since 2-3 days at the 'Maggi' production unit beside the Nestle India, here, in view of the controversy prevailing over Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) content in 'Maggi' noodles, according to reliable sources.

    However, the sources added that the annual maintenance work is being carried out at the factory premises. About 250 permanent employees continue to work at the Maggi unit and no one has been relieved from service as reported in a section of the press, the sources said.

    Another 300 daily wage workers have also been employed at the Maggi unit and they too continue to work, sources said.

    It may be recalled that former Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa had inaugurated the Nanjangud unit of Maggi worth over Rs. 300 crore in 2011.

    Meanwhile, Nestlé India decided to take 'Maggi' off the shelves after a controversy erupted over its contents, prompting several States to ban the 'two-minute' noodles.

    Asserting that the product was "completely safe," the company in a statement said, "Unfortunately, recent developments and unfounded concerns about the product have led to an environment of confusion for the consumer, to such an extent that we have decided to withdraw the product off the shelves..."

    "We promise that the trusted 'Maggi' noodles will be back in the market as soon as the current situation is clarified," it added.

    Pics: File Photo.

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  • Shell to set up global IT centre in Bengaluru

    Bengaluru: Oil and gas giant Shell on Friday announced plans to inaugurate a global information technology centre in Bengaluru with the potential to employ as many as 5,000 people.

    The new technology centre will cater to marketing, projects and technology, downstream refining and upstream oil and gas production businesses, a company statement said.

    In Bengaluru, Shell zeroed in on RMZ Eco World for 3,50,000 square feet space.

    The company has chosen Bengaluru as a rich pool of diverse IT talent is easily available matching the requirements of Shell.

    The oil and gas giant already employs thousands of people in India. As many 1,000 scientists and engineers work in its Bengaluru office, and it also a business operations centre in Chennai.

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  • Delhi Metro gets its first driver-less train from Korea

    Delhi Metro has received its first driver-less train, equipped with several advanced features, from a Korea-based manufacturer, which will ply on sections of Phase-III of the network, set to be operational by next year end.
    The six-coach train that was ferried to India by sea, arrived at Gujarat's Mundhra port and was brought by road to Delhi on specially-made trailers.
    A total of 20 such train sets of Hyundai Rotem will be manufactured in South Korea's Changwan by the end of this year while the remaining 61 are being manufactured at the Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) plant in Bengaluru, the DMRC said.
    They would run on the over 58 km-long Majlish Park-Shiv Vihar (Line 7) and the over 38 km-long Janakpuri (West)- Botanical Garden (Line 8) corridors of the Phase-III, and both these sections are expected to be operational by the end of 2016.
    These new trains of Delhi Metro have undergone significant technological as well as eco-friendly upgrades and many additional features have been added to increase passenger comfort.
    They are designed for a maximum speed of 95 kmph and operational speed of 85 kmph, Delhi Metro said.
    A DMRC official said that, although, initially drivers will be deputed for operating the trains they would be gradually withdrawn to move to Unattended Train Operation (UTO).
    "These new-generation trains are suitable to eventually run on UTO mode, that is, train operators will not be required to operate these trains and the Operations Control Centres (OCC) of the Delhi Metro system will directly regulate the movement of the trains," he said.
    Each coach can accommodate maximum 380 passengers, which translates to 2,280 passengers in each train set of 6 coaches. The cabin-less trains would be able to accommodate 40 commuters more in a six coach train as the driver's cab will not be required in such trains.
    "These trains would be more energy efficient than the earlier trains of Delhi Metro because of improved design features such as better regeneration of energy during braking, energy efficient sub systems like  LED lighting and air conditioning systems," the DMRC said.


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  • CM discusses infrastructure projects with Chinese firm

    Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddarmaiah and Information Minister Roshan Baig on Wednesday met a delegation of officials from Shandong International, a Chinese infrastructure firm. The firm briefed CM about the projects undertaken by the firm in China.

    Speaking after the meeting Roshan Baig said "We have invited them to participate in the Global Investors Meet to be held later this year and hold further talks,"

    The company is keen on executing the planned six- lane project between Mysuru and Bengaluru which is estimated to cost 6,000 crore and will have two service lanes. The team was led by Project Manager Sun Yechang, Project Coordinators Sophy Yang and Antony Wang and J Kannabiran who made a presentation.

    The six-lane project is in the feasibility report stage and the delegation will reportedly meet with Principal Secretary Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department M R Kamble to discuss the matter.

    At the meeting, a proposal for three express elevated roadways connecting Hebbal to Silk Board, KR Puram to Goraguntepalya and Jnana Bharati to Whitefield were also discussed. These roadways will cover distances of 16 km, 21 km and 27 km respectively.

    The Bengaluru-Mysuru high speed rail link and the problem of curvature in the path that the trains would take was also discussed in the meeting. - See more at: http://www.newskarnataka.com/bangalore/cm-discusses-infrastructure-projects-with-chinese-firm#sthash.7wRLyGbk.dpuf

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  • 'Ad-free' city: HC asks State Govt to take final call on banning advertisements

    Bengaluru: The High Court on Thursday has granted the state government four weeks' time to inform it of its stand on a resolution passed by BBMP in January 2015 to ban different form of advertisements such as hoardings, banners, flexes in the city.

    A division bench of acting Chief Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee and Justice Ram Mohan Reddy granted time after the court was informed that the resolution had been forwarded to the state government for it to take a final call. The division bench is hearing a public interest litigation filed against the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike's (BBMP) resolution passed in 2006 to make 14 main roads of the city free of advertisements.

    The division bench also extended a stay granted in the case of two acres of land given for construction of a memorial for actor Vishnuvardhan at Mailasandra on Uttarahalli Main Road in Bengaluru South Taluk.

    The stay was extended for two weeks, after the government's advocate sought time to submit a reply.

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  • Maggi taken off Army’s menu, Delhi bans sale; Centre files complaint against Nestle

    New Delhi: The Delhi government on Wednesday banned Maggi noodles in the nation’s capital for 15 days and ordered that existing stocks be withdrawn, while the Indian Army, perhaps the biggest single bulk consumer of the instant noodle brand, issued an advisory asking soldiers and other personnel not to consume Maggi noodles.

    The military canteens were directed to suspend sale of existing stocks until further orders. The Delhi government will also carry out lab testing of all other noodle brands available in the city, and then take action based on these reports.

    The Future Group, the country’s biggest retailer, also stopped Maggi sales at its Big Bazaar outlets. The Centre has also filed a complaint against Indian unit of Swiss multinational Nestle.


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  • 131st birth anniversary of former Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar celebrated

    Mysuru: Days after Mysuru witnessed the grand coronation of its new royal scion Yaduveer, the heritage city celebrated the 131st birth anniversary of  his ancestor Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, and former Maharaja of Mysuru  on Thursday 4th June.   

    Celebrations galore
    Various organizations paid tribute by offering floral tribute to the statue of Wadiyar at Krishnaraja Circle.

    Members of  the Bahujana Vidyarthi Sanga sang a song on Nalwadi highlighting his contributions towards the welfare of the citizens during his tenure as a Maharaja of Mysore province between 1894 until his death in 1940.

    Likewise, several organizations organized special lectures and also took out a procession in city's streets.

    Heated exchange between DC and former Mayor
    For  the first time, district administration celebrated Wadiyar's birth anniversary, albeit in a simple manner, by offering floral tributes.  In the past it has always been the MCC that convened grand celebrations. This  became a point of heated discussion between the former mayor of Mysuru and the DC, C. Shika..

     After paying to floral tribute to Wadiyar statue, former Mysuru Mayor Purushothama, questioned DC C Shikha as to why the district administration, had not organized a grand celebration. He said, "the district administration is ignoring the contribution of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar".

     Responding to him, DC C Shikha said that the gram panchayat election moral code of conduct restricted district administration's celebrations to a simple ceremeony. " Though the moral conduct did not apply for city, it applies for district administration and thus we could not convene a public representatives meeting to arrange public function", she said, defending the administration's actions.

    Purushothama however alleged that the DC always shows her negligence in organizing public functions to commemorate leaders. Later, MLA Vasu, Mayor R Lingappa and MP Pratap Simha intervened to calm down arguments.

    Public also irked

    Even the public were upset with the administrations, and political leaders for not celebrating the day in a grand manner and alleged that no officers, either MCC or District administration or political party leaders want to commemorate the birth anniversary of Nalwadi.

    "The officers have no concern for  Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar's contributions towards the state. Now, officials are pointing fingers at one another. I hope all officers and political leaders are well educated and aware about the moral code of conduct. Even MCC Corporators are public leaders and are well aware about the moral code of conduct. Why could not they  take the initiative? Why they are blaming district administration?" questioned A R Venkatesh, professor in a private college.

    " It is insult to the Maharaja who contributed towards social justice  by introducing historical policies to ensure equality in the region", he added.

    He was of the opinion that the MCC could have celebrated the event more meaningfully if the District Administration informed it of its inability earlier.

    "High time to highlight Wadiyar's contributions"
    Writer K S Bhagawan after paying tribute at Wadiyar's  statue said the time is high to  highlight  Wadiyar's contributions and make them more popular. He urged the government authorities and educational institutions to bring out more literature on Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar and also to organize special lectures and events pertaining to Nalwadi.


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  • ABVP demands State to be made tobacco - free

    Mysuru: Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) organised a campaign against chewing of tobacco in association with Gopalaswamy Shishushikshana Kendra here on Monday July 20. Students of the college took out a procession from the college premises to Lakshmipuram post office. They wrote a letter to the Chief Minister demanding him to take action and ban chewing tobacco in the state. Before this, addressing the students, ABVP block organising secretary Vinay Bidare said, “With an intention of ensuring tobacco free campus’ and thus tobacco free colleges in the country, ABVP has taken this campaign. Tobacco has been banned in 15 states in the country, thus we students thought we could a write letter requesting the CM to ban tobacco in Karnataka also." "Around 1.50 crore people are dying of tobacco addiction and among them, 10 lakh are dying of chewing tobacco. The country will get a profit of 9,000 crores from exporting tobacco products every year but spending 30,000 crores for treating cancer diseases (tobacco caused)" he detailed. Youth joining the Army from Punjab has decreased by 50 percent. It was 70 percent but now it is 20 percent only. We Mysureans are in a geographically safe area, unlike in Punjab where they are constantly at war, he regretted. District Convener of ABVP Manjunath, District head Ramesh, District Organising Secretary Anand Begur, City Organising Secretary Kiran Kumar, college staff and others were present. ...

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  • Mangaluru: Mysterious missing of school girl in Nagori

    A uniform and a school bag inside a plastic cover which was later spotted in a narrow lane in the area was handed over to Garodi Temple authorities. Soon locals rushed to the spot and upon checking the bag found the girl’s ID card and also the contact number of the parents. Chaitra’s father Rangappa was immediately informed and he identified the uniform and school bag as that of Chaitra. But a search for Chaitra proved to be a futile exercise. Meanwhile, the CCTV footage of the temple showed Chaitra entering the temple in her school uniform and leaving in casual clothes. She had then boarded a Route Number 9 bus from there. There is no information as to yet as to what was her intention. Kankanady police are investigating. ...

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  • Drowning boy rescued in Panambur beach

    Surathkal: A lad who had hailed from Mumbai was rescued by life guard team in Panambur beach has been reported.

    Chetan Mulya is the lad who had come to Panambur beach and was about drown in water. The brave beach development life guard team has rescued him out of the danger.

    The team has rescued 99 people so far informed CEO Yathish Baikampadi.

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  • Udupi: Dist. Admn plans several progress works in pilgrim town of Kollur

    Udupi : The district administration has several plans to improve basic infrastructural facilities in the pilgrim town o Kollur famous for its Goddess Mookambika Temple. A project proposal for Rs 65.64 crores towards  an Underground Drainage System, a dining hall complex at the Temple and a drinking water scheme, has been forwarded to the government seeking its approval.

    Udupi Deputy Commissioner R Vishal informs that of the total amount a sum of Rs 24.87 crore would be utilised for drinking water facility, Rs 21 crore towards construction of dining hall and another Rs 19.67 crores for having an Under Ground Drainage System.

    The DC also hopes that that proposals aimed at providing better facilities to the pilgrims visiting Kollur, would be cleared in the next cabinet meeting.

    Here it is worth mentioning that the absence of an Under Ground Drainage system in Kollur  had even led to the contamination of Sowparnika as the several lodges and hotels in the town release their wastes to this river . Several environmental organisations including the Kodachadri Samrakshana Parisara Trust have already  launched a protest against this.

    The proposed drinking water scheme envisages construction of a vented dam across Sowparnika river. The dining hall complex has been proposed as the existing hall is insufficient to accommodate the large number of devotees visiting the shrine. The new four-storied hall will have  solar steam facility,  lifts,  recycling facility as well as a modern kitchen,


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  • Bike plunges into the river: Rider dies

    Mangaluru: A bike plunged into the river at Maravoor bridge here on the late night of Thursday June 4 resulting in the death of the rider. The incident came to light on Friday June 5 after the body was washed ashore.


    The deceased has been identified as Lokesh (28), a resident of Nelliteertha, Bajpe and a tailor by profession.

    It is suspected that as it had rained on Thursday Lokesh might have lost his control over the vehicle and fell into the river.

    On Thursday, he left from work early saying that he had to visit someone. 

    Bajpe police along with traffic police arrived at the spot.

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  • Mangaluru: Paperless certificate/office systems

    Mangaluru:  Karnataka State government has introduced paperless certificates. Currently, 25 types of certificates of the revenue department issued through Atalji Janasnehi Kendras of the State are printed and secured stationary affixed with holograms and issued to the citizens.

    General public and students, who submit applications for any of the 25 certificates issued by Revenue Department, need not produce hard copy. Instead, it is enough to mention certificate number in their applications.

    In majority of cases, it was found that the certificates issued by revenue department through Atalji Janasnehi Kendra are utilised by citizens to obtain government benefits. Citizens needlessly have to run around government departments at high additional cost and unnecessary paperwork. To overcome this menace and prevent fake certificates too, the Government Order dated February 19, was issued to adopt the system of paperless certificates and the same announced in 2015-16 budget speech.

    Under the new system, digitally-approved certificates will not be printed. Instead, the unique certificate number will be sent to the applicant through SMS.   The applicant will have to mention this number when applying for benefits with other departments. Government departments should not insist on hard copy. Instead government department authorities should verify the certificate number mentioned in the application by logging on to www.nadakacheri.karnataka.gov.in. If required, government departments can take a print out of the certificate for record purpose. SMS based verification has also been enabled. In this case, one has to send SMS to 51969 by typing KA NK and certificate number and in response will receive the full certificate details.

    A release issued by Director of Atalji Janasnehi Directorate, Bengaluru states that the verified certificate number is sufficient proof of valid certificate and the paper certificate shall not be required.  Commissioner of Public Instructions has issued a circular that henceforth all applicants submitting applications for education purpose need to mention only the certificate number and the same should be considered by the Education Department.
    Udupi Zilla Panchayat adopts paperless concept:

    »Udupi Zilla Panchayat office has adopted the idea of  paperless office since June 1, 2015.   ZP CEO Kangavalli said the idea of adopting paperles office would help in aiding the speedy disposal of the files. The computerised work will also enable better office supervision.

    This would simplify file detection process. Besides it would also help in finding out the number of days a file stagnates with the respective official and the cause of delay. She said training is being imparted to all concerned officials in zilla panchayat. Officials in charge MIS coordinator Akshath would be looking after the affairs, she said. ’Delay culture’ would be avoided in offices, besides maintenance of files would be easy and there would be no missing files. Each official would have separate ’log-in id’ and all official work concerning the files would be done through respective ids only.


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  • Gram Panchayath elections: Results declared

    Mangaluru/Udupi: The counting of Gram Panchayat elections which has already begun across undivided Dakshina Kannada district on Friday, June 5 will decide the future of 7,619 candidates in Dakshina Kannada and 4,759 candidates in Udupi.

    The polls were held on May 29 and repolling in two gram panchayats namely Bandharu in Belthangady taluk and Padu Perar in Mangaluru taluk were held on Sunday, May 31.

    The counting for 227 gram panchayats in Dakshina Kannada district and 148 in Udupi district started at 8 am amidst tight security. The results are expected to be out by evening.

    Untill noon, nearly 181 candidates won in the first phase of counting in Dakshina Kannada district. While the BJP and the Congress shared equal seats in Mangaluru taluk, the BJP emerged as majority in Bantwal taluk. The Congress gained majority in both Belthangady and Puttur taluks. In Udupi district, the BJP party gained majority of seats in Karkala taluk and the Congress was leading in Kundapur taluk.

    As many as 4,759 candidates are in the fray in Udupi district including 2,082 candidates in Udupi taluk, 1,712 candidates in Kundapur taluk and 965 candidates in Karkala taluk.

    While in Dakshina Kannada, nearly 7,619 candidates are in fray for the 3,118 seats of 200 Gram Panchayats. Nearly 89 candidates have been elected unanimously in the district.

    The counting centers in Dakshina Kannada district are Padua High School in Mangaluru taluk, Modankap Infant Jesus English Medium School in Bantwal Taluk, SDM PU College Ujire in Beltangady taluk, Vivekananda English Medium High School in Puttur taluk and Nehru Memorial College in Sullia taluk.

    While in Udupi district, counting is being held in Bhandarkar's College in Kundapur taluk, St Cicily's School in Udupi taluk and Jaycee English Medium School in Karkala taluk.


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  • Bike plunges into the river: Rider dies

    Mangaluru: A bike plunged into the river at Maravoor bridge here on the late night of Thursday June 4 resulting in the death of the rider. The incident came to light on Friday June 5 after the body was washed ashore.

    The deceased has been identified as Lokesh (28), a resident of Nelliteertha, Bajpe and a tailor by profession.

    It is suspected that as it had rained on Thursday Lokesh might have lost his control over the vehicle and fell into the river.

    On Thursday, he left from work early saying that he had to visit someone. 

    Bajpe police along with traffic police arrived at the spot.

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    Top Stories

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Mumbai Rounds
  • 100 Rahul Gandhis cannot match Modi’s ‘mega wave’, says Shiv Sena

    Mumbai: Mocking at the ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’ jibe of the Congress Vice President, Shiv Sena on Monday said such a government is better then a “suitcase one” and stressed that even 100 Rahul Gandhis cannot match Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “mega wave”.

    The Sena noted that Rahul had started moving and speaking after his sabbatical but said he cannot match Modi.

    “Rahul Gandhi has started moving and speaking after his 56-day sabbatical which has restored confidence among Congress workers. However, the question is how long this renewed energy will last before mega wave of Narendra Modi,” the Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said in an editorial.

    Referring to the ‘Coalgate’ and the 2G spectrum scams, the Sena alleged that suitcases filled with cash used to exchange hands during Congress rule.

    “Modi is absolutely right when he says that ‘suited and booted government’ is much better than a ‘suitcase government,'” it said.

    Modi has now started attacking the Congress and its leaders. Even if 100 Rahul Gandhis come forward, they cannot match Modi’s mega wave,” the Sena mouthpiece said, and asked if the BJP would agree with the content and facts mentioned in its editorial.

    The editorial said suits are worn by people around the world and that a country’s image does not improve by wearing scruffy clothes.

    “The country is witnessing a new spark in Narendra Modi’s tenure. India’s ‘suit wearing people’ (referring to business community) roam the world with confidence and pride which has been improving the country’s financial condition,” the Sena said.


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  • Service tax hike to take effect from tomorrow; mobiles, hotels to cost more

    Mumbai: Mobile operators and credit card companies have already started sending messages to subscribers conveying the increase in service tax rate which will have a bearing on the bills. According to railway ministry officials, fares for First Class and AC classes in passenger trains, besides freight charges, will go up by 0.5 per cent from June 1.

    “Currently, 3.7 per cent service tax is levied on train fares for AC Class, First Class and freight. This will go up to 4.2 per cent from June which means the rise is only 0.5 per cent,” the official said. Currently, there is abatement of 70 per cent on passenger services. Jaitley had proposed to raise the service tax rate to 14 per cent to facilitate a smooth transition to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, which the government wants to roll out from April 2016.

    Once implemented, GST will subsume service tax, excise and other local levies. “To facilitate a smooth transition to levy of tax on services by both the Centre and the States, it is proposed to increase the present rate of service tax plus education cesses from 12.36 per cent to a consolidated rate of 14 per cent,” Jaitley had said in Budget speech.

    Education cess, which is levied on service tax, will be subsumed in the service tax rate with effect from June 1. Although the Budget also proposed a 2 per cent Swachh Bharat cess on selected services, the government is yet to come out with a notification in this regard.


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  • Mumbai Nurse Aruna Shanbaug’s Attacker Found in UP Village: Report

    MUMBAI: The man who brutally assaulted Mumbai nurse Aruna Shanbaug, leaving her in a coma for 42 years, works as a labourer in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, a local newspaper claimed on Friday.

    Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki, who raped Aruna in 1973, told the newspaper that he could not recall what happened on that day. Aruna died two weeks ago in a hospital in Mumbai.

    “Why are you people calling it as rape?” Valmiki asked the journalist from Marathi newspaper Sakaal Times who met him at Parpa village in Ghaziabad.

    Aruna was a junior nurse in her 20s at Mumbai’s KEM hospital when she was brutally assaulted and raped by Valmiki – then a ward boy – who she had scolded for stealing food that was meant for stray animals adopted by the hospital. She had just finished her shift, and was in the basement of the hospital changing before leaving for home. Her attacker had been lying in wait. He sodomised her and then strangled her with a dog chain, cutting supply of oxygen to her brain. She was discovered in the basement 11 hours later, blind and suffering from a severe brain stem injury.

    Valmiki was freed after a seven-year jail sentence and was never heard of again. Some reports suggested he had died.

    Author Pinki Virani, who wrote the book ‘Aruna’s Story’ and had petitioned the Supreme Court to stop the force-feeing of Aruna, claims that based on her talks with hospital ward boys, Valmiki later moved to Delhi, changed his identity and went on to work in a hospital there. Valmiki denied those claims.

    Reacting to the report that Valmiki is alive, the Mumbai Police on Friday said that it would seek legal opinion on whether to file a fresh murder case against him.

    “Prima-facie it seems that this old case may not attract any fresh sections as Aruna died of pneumonia,” Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police Deven Bharti told PTI, when asked if they would consider re-opening the case after her death.

    “While giving judgement on plea of mercy killing filed by a journalist, the Supreme Court had said that let Aruna die a natural death. Hence in this purview, Aruna died of pneumonia that seems to be the immediate cause of her death,” Mr Bharti said.

    However, he added that the police would seek legal opinion first and then decide the future course of action.


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Gulf Rounds
  • “ Uretta Kannuda Siri” Book Launching and Review Session held in Dubai

    “Uretta Kannuda Siri” collection of Tulu poems book review session and Gulf addition launching function held at Fortune grand Hotel Apartment at Bur Dubai on 29.05.2015. Before the book release the dignitaries lit the traditional lamp. The same book was released at Tulu Sahitya Academy Mangalore a week ago.Mr Prakash Rao Payyar welcomed the guests after prayer song was rendered by Reshma Shetty. Presidents of all UAE Kannada, Tulu,Konkani and Beary associations and other dignitaries are honoured with bouquet of flowers.Mr. Sampat Shetty readout the list of books Mr.Payyar penned and Awards and honours he received.

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-003

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-004

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-005

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-006

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-007

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-009

    Introducing the book to the guests, Mr Gopinath Rao opined that the collection of poems is full of the flavour of the vibrant culture of Tulunadu. It has everything you have possibly seen or wished to see while you are in your native place and therefore worth the effort.

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-033

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-034

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-035

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-036

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-037

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-038

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-039

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-040

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-041

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-042

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-044

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-049

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-051

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-052

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-053

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-054

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-056

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-057

    Payyar book release in dxb_June 1_2015-059

    The book was later released by Mr Sudhir Kumar Shetty, president of UAE Exchange. Remembering his younger years, Mr Shetty told the nostalgia of native place excites him whenever he goes to India and like him, even his family loves to enjoy the unique culture of Tulunad. He appreciated the work of Mr Prakash Payyar in trying to document the culture in detail for the people to remember.

    Chief guests Mr. Frank Fenandes and Mr Shekhar Shetty also lauded the efforts by Prakash Rao Payyar and assured him of support.

    Mr Manohar Tonse analysed the poems to bring out the glory of the presentation of the culture, the love, the depiction of mythological characters in the book and the uniqueness of some of the poems.

    Mr Shantaram Achar recited the poem uretta kannuda siri for the delight of the gathering.

    Mr Murgesh Gajare,Mr Ganesh Rai and Vasukumar Shetty congratulated Mr Prakash Rao Payyar for his efforts and wished him success in his future.

    Presiding over the function, Mr Sarvottam Shetty narrated events in his long his association with Mr Prakash Rao Payyar and congratulated him on yet another masterpiece, this time in the form of a Tulu collection of poems. He recited a para from Dr Suneetha Shetty’s forward to the book, which he said points out to the creativity within Mr Prakash Rao Payyar and his determination to follow his plans meticulously.

    Mr Vinaykumar Naik compered the program neatly and rendered vote of thanks as well.


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  • How social media led to family feud, cheating and marital break-ups

    The misuse of social media sites was the main reason for problems such as family disputes and cheating, according to the Directorate General of Human Rights at Dubai Police.

    Feuds developed into quarrels and marital problems that led to the intervention of Social Support section of the Department of Women and Child Protection at the Directorate General of Human Rights at Dubai Police, to resolve these issues, said Fatima Al Kindi, Head of the section.

    According to a report in ‘Emarat Al Youm’, Al Kindi said many cases have come up due to the abuse of social media networks including a dispute that started between two Arab families that were linked by bonds of a strong friendship.

    She added the dispute started between the two families on Facebook and extended to real life where it developed into a fight.

    Al Kindi added that abusing of social networking sites particularly WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook, have exacerbated and brought tension into martial relationships. They have been used to reveal cheating by some husbands towards their wives and vice versa.

    She said in one case, a couple had received pictures of his wife dancing with another man in a night club.

    Family feud

    She revealed that the dispute between two families was referred by one of the police stations to the social support section.

    The dispute arose when two women insulted each other on Facebook even though they were close friends.

    Unfortunately the problem escalated and the tongue-lashing extended to other members of the family, too. The children of the two women also quarrelled. Later, when the women happened to meet at a mall, a scuffle started and one of the women hit the other’s son.

    Al Kindi said as the fight escalated, the wives called their husbands who also got involved in the dispute. That is when the police was called.

    Dubai Police tried to solve the problem amicably. The two families were summoned to the General Directorate for Human Rights. “We in the department brought attention of the two families to the fact that social networking sites are for convergence and not for bickering and hostility, especially as there was friendship between the two families.

    The families signed a pledge not to fight again and to avoid dragging their children into their problems. They promised to return to the spirit of amity and understanding between them.

    Cheating on spouse

    Al Kindi reported social networking sites were also used to expose extra-marital affairs, which has led to divorces in some cases.

    An Arab man’s wife approached the department and complained that her husband was cheating her as she discovered a text message on his mobile. She alleged that the name of the contact was saved as that of a man’s but she was sure it was a female, because her husband had messaged that he wanted to meet her.

    The woman claimed that she was hurt because she was a co-operative wife. The officials called the couple and resolved the issue amicably. The husband regretted his act and promised to end his relationship with the other woman.

    Al Kindi said there have also been cases of intolerance leading to break-ups. In one case, which involved an Asian couple, the man’s friends sent him pictures of his wife dancing with another person while he was on a business trip.

    The angry man assaulted his wife and informed her family, but later confessed that he loved her and made her promise she will not repeat it again. Thus, the issue was solved amicably.

    However, there have been cases that worsened with family interference, Al Kindi added, where the men are beaten by their wives’ brothers.

    In one such case, investigation revealed that the man beat his wife after he discovered she had betrayed him. But the wife called her brothers to take revenge and they thrashed the husband up. However, the brothers later regretted their action when it was confirmed that their sister had, indeed, betrayed her husband.


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  • World’s largest ’80 football field sized’ hotel coming up in Makkah

    Makkah will soon be home to world’s largest luxury hotel, built in a 4.6 million square feet area, which is equivalent to 80 football fields in the United States.

     According to DesignMENA, titled Abraj Kudai, the 3.5 billion dollar project will comprise of twelve 44-storey towers, and will boast of 10,000 rooms, 70 restaurants, floors just for royals, a full-size convention centre and multiple helipads. While 10 of the towers would provide four-star accommodation, the remaining two will offer luxurious five-star amenities.

    Designed by Dar Al Handasah, the hotel, which will be located just two kilometres away from Mecca, is designed to “reflect a contemporary interpretation of a traditional desert fortress.” Abraj Kudai is expected to be completed in 2017.

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    ''I want my son to be an engineer. I want my daughter to be a doctor '' . Am sure this is a common expectation from most of the parents .
     When I passed my SSLC with 92% my parents forced me to take up science though I was interested in arts . When I passed my PU board exam with 91% my parents forced me to take up engineering though I aspired to be a lawyer . When I asked my parents why science? Why not arts ? They told ' society thinks only dull students take up arts ' . Wait a second! What is this society now? Don't you think even my parents belong to the same society which thinks arts is meant for dull students .
    If all parents blindly followed this cheap social mentality we wouldn't get a great teacher Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan , great singer Latha Mangeshkar , great advocate K.S Hegde , great astronaut Kalpana Chawla and so on.
     If Sachin Tendulkar's dad would force him to clear the subject that he once flunked then the world wouldn't get 'The God of Cricket' .
     At the end of the day it's not our degree that counts but its the satisfaction that matters. We have one life . And the biggest adventure is to live the life our DREAMS . Each one of us are born with a talent and nobody can beat us in that .
     Most of us enjoy the dance performance given by others . But when the same talent lies in our own house nobody supports it because we want to have an engineer or a doctor who can raise the family reputation.
    We often blame our system and politicians . We expect Lot of development and changes in society. But we never take an initiative to bring that change . India needs young energetic leaders to bring this change . But unfortunately very few parents encourage their children to get into politics .
      To all the parents who force their children to take up a particular stream here is a piece of advice .Only a poet can write a beautiful poem and only a sculptor can give us a beautiful sculpture . Even a sweeper if he's really passionate about his work then his passion can make him the best sweeper that the world has ever seen.No work is inferior or superior in front of god .
    Here is a story which I came across in one of the lectures that I attended in my college. There lived a bank manager who had a son who flunked in his pu board exam . Even at the second attempt he couldn't manage to clear the subject .His dad was upset that his son was ineligible to take up engineering. But his son had a high knowledge about the cars and it's functioning . So he started working at the garage .One fine day he came across an advertisement given by FORD car manufacturing company which was asking for a solution regarding a major car design problem . The advertisement mentioned that the person with best solution will be rewarded rs 32 crore. This guy who was extremely passionate about cars approached the company with the solution .They implemented his design and his idea actually solved the major design problem . Thus he was awarded with rs 32 crore . He was asked to give lectures to research and mtech students at NIT's regarding his design . Further he was given a 100 crore overdraft for his next project . His dad who once considered him to be useless is now proud of him . Probably this guy wouldn't achieve this greatness if he was forced to take up engineering .
    I guess this is the best example for great achievement by ordinary person with an extraordinary passion .
    I hope my article will motivate atleast few parents to support and encourage their children in the field that they are passionate about.
    Because THE WORLD NEEDS lawyers , singers , sportsmen , astronauts , politicians and many OTHERS TOO.

    By Deepti Rani.

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Public Voice
  • Railway overbridge causing nuisance to public in Kodakkal near Padil

    Mangaluru: The railway over bridge situated in Kodakkal near Padil, which comes on the Bengaluru to Mangaluru national highway 44 has been creating high nuisense for communters, from a very long period. The issue is that the bridge initially had an iron sheet covering under the tracks to prevent the toilet waste from dropping down to the road. But over a certain period of time due to lack of maintenance the sheet has been damaged.

    When the train passes right above the over bridge the toilet wastes directly fall over the vehicles travelling below. mean while some arrangements were done by locals to prevent this inconvenience to public. But the temporary arrangement dint last long.
    Few locals who are aware of this issue stop their vehicle and wait for the train to pass and then proceed further. While the others who are totally unaware of this get fooled thinking that it's the water being sprinkled over them.
    In a recent incident, a small stone from the stone laden goods train had fallen over the front wind shield of the car that was passing by the highway, reportedly damaging the front wind shield and leaving behind a loss to the owner of the car.

    The worst situation here is especially when the train stops right above the bridge, waiting for the Green signal from the nearby Mangalore Junction Railway Station. In this case, the Highway Communters are left behind with confusing if to move on or to wait till the train passes.
    It would be of great help to public if this issue is brought in to the notice of the concerned authority and measures are taken to prevent further problems or damages to the Highway Commuters.
    Media is one smart way to not only bring this issue to the notice of the concerned, but also to the Highway Commuters who are unaware of this incident.

    By: Deepti Rani

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  • Manipal Students Harrased by Police

    I am writing this to you as the media is the only system left that can provide justice for all in our country today. The politicians, the police, the authorities and sometimes even the law is corrupt. But among all this, Media remains to be the one system that speaks for the "little guy" and stands up for justice.

    I am writing to you concerning several cases of harassment of students by Manipal Police. Manipal is a university town sprawling with students from different states and countries. It is known to have a few drug problems as well it has a number of suicide cases of students taking their own lives after being intoxicated.

    Recently, A student had committed suicide due to drugs as claimed by the police and papers. The police have begun closing all restaurants and shops by 11:30pm so as to minimize movement around the area. They have also started searching suspected apartments for drugs and have caught many drug dealers. This is all commendable though the effort has started late.

    Over the past week, the police have beaten over 13 students walking back/to a friends apartment after 11:30pm. Students go to watch the last film which ends at 12pm and visit each others houses for group discussion and studies. The Manipal Police have been stopping students walking or on bikes and beating them without question. The police do not ask for students' Id cards neither do they ask any question as to where the student has been or is going. Numerous students stay in apartments as the Hostels are very expensive and visit each others houses for video games or studies. The police have started this brutal action the beginning of this week and everyone is too afraid of saying anything as the university has good relations with the police. Something needs to be done so that the police do not harass students in this way. Students are afraid of walking around. This has instilled fear in many. It is very unpatriotic and uncivilized for the police to catch students and beat them with sticks without questioning.

    I hope you will look into this as "Media" is the only source of justice left in this country.

    By- A Student of MANIPAL

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  • Be Aware...fraudulant companies around.

    I am Deepalaxmi from Mangalore, Karnataka. I have been following Your Channel from past decade. I request you to help me in one of the problem faced by many job seekers including me by one of the recruitment company below. I want you to take action against this so that no other individuals would be cheated in future by this company and also no other such fraudulant people can get guts to play with other people's money, time and talent.

    I have been cheated by the following company, which claims to be a job consultant. A lady called me and asked me to register my profile in their website: www.aapkacareer.com by paying Rs.1685/-, for which i have not received any confirmation mail. After that the call was transferred to another person who claimed himself to do profile verification for my profile and asked me to pay Rs.6180/- for the same, which was not intimated to me earlier.

    The Company has been cheating many people in the similar manner which i got to know later when i searched for the company in google.

    Request you to kindly take necessary action against this company and stop other people from being cheated by them. The company address is below:
    Telephone: 011-45671678
    website address: http://aapkacareer.com/index.php?route=common/home

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