• Two years after Nirbhaya The rod is still a weapon of choice!

    Nirbhaya, - the fearless one  the name that stuck to the brave rape victim of this day two years ago,  departed this brutal and unforgiving world two weeks after the incident on a moving bus in Delhi. Five  men and a minor, raped and horribly brutalized her, without provocation and without subsequent remorse. 

    She and a male friend, who was also beaten, were thrown off the bus in a nearly naked state and while the world watched and help arrived late, she suffered ignominy, humiliation, and pain that only a brutalized woman can understand and relate to.

    Nirbhaya's father, Badrinath speaking to Betwa Sharma of the Huffington post had this to say, on the second anniversary of the gang rape that horrified the world. “People think it gets easier but not a minute goes by when she is not in my thoughts. But we continue living to honor her courage”.

    Badrinath, 55, an airport luggage loader, worked additional shifts to ensure his bright daughter pursue her physiotherapy studies. He was proud of her, perhaps even more than he was of his two sons, one who is studying engineering and one in school.  “I had pinned our family’s future on my daughter’s success,” he told the journal.

    Post Nirbhaya’s death, Badrinath lives in a middle income flat allotted by the Delhi government in the suburb of Dwarka. The family received  Rs. 35 lakhs in compensation from the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, and his job is now less taxing. He has shifted from luggage loading to making security passes for airport entry.

    A stringent law

    In the wake of the full scale protests against the government of the day and the system, that erupted after her death, the then UPA government acted surprisingly swiftly, and  in late December 2012, set up the Justice JS Verma committee which included Justice Leila Seth, former judge of the High Court and Gopal Subramanian, former Solicitor General of India to recommend amendments to the Criminal Law so as to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault against women. 

    The Committee worked night and day and made recommendations on laws related to rape, sexual harassment, trafficking, child sexual abuse, medical examination of victims, police, electoral and educational reforms in  February 2013.

    These recommendations were accepted in part, and led to the enactment of stringent rape laws and the setting up of fast track courts to deal with cases of sexual assault.

    However, it ignored many key suggestions of the commission, such as criminalizing marital rape, reviewing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and trying military personnel accused of sexual offences under criminal law, and barring politicians facing such cases from contesting elections.

    Juvenile Justice

    All the accused, Vinay Sharma, Vinay Kumar, Ram Singh, and the brothers, Mukesh and Pawan Gupta were arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder. One of the accused, Ram Singh, died in police custody on 11 March 2013 in the Tihar Jail.  The police say Ram Singh hanged himself, but defense lawyers and his family suspect he was murdered, though no foul play has been proved.

    A fast track court, set up in the wake of the ordinance, on 10th September 2013, found the four adults guilty of rape and murder and  sentenced them to death by hanging. On 13 March 2014, the Delhi High Court upheld the sentences.

    The juvenile was convicted of rape and murder and given the maximum sentence of three years' imprisonment in a reform facility, a decision that riled the family of the deceased braveheart. Badrinath was concerned that the juvenile was let off lightly, and he approached the Supreme Court to try him as an adult.

    In March this year, the Supreme Court rejected Badrinath’s petition for prosecuting the juvenile convicted in the gang rape as an adult.  Meanwhile the Modi government decided to to amend the juvenile law to punish 16- to 18-year-old offenders in heinous crimes as adults (with the exception of the death penalty) - a move opposed by human rights groups.  Badrinath then refiled his petition in the Supreme Court.

    “There was nothing child like about what that boy did,” he said. “They do these things because they know the law will protect them from harm."

    Perpetrators families suffer

    The families of the four adult perpetrators, are suffering in silence, the misdeeds of their progeny. Vinay Sharma, has a diabetic sister, and the 3000 Rupees he earned helped pay for her medicine. His father also an airport loader, cannot sustain her costs on his income.  The rest of the families, remain ostracized in their neighbourhoods and the ultimate loss of their children to the death penalty weighs heavily on their minds.

    Two years on….nothing has changed!

    Meanwhile Delhi has not changed feels Badrinath.  “My pain increases every time I hear of another rape. Delhi has not changed,” Badrinath said.

    Neither has the country, as everyday brings a new low in human brutality towards women.

    At a memorial held in December 2013, the press interviewed a young woman who had taken part in the protests a year earlier. She said, "A welcome change is that the taboo on discussion of rape and sexual violence has been broken,"  however, she saw "absolutely no change in the rape culture and related brutality".

    Brian Fernandes | News Karnataka



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  • 12 children killed as terrorists storm Pakistan school

    Peshawar (IANS): At least 12 children were killed and 40 people were injured Tuesday when a group of heavily armed terrorists stormed the Army Public School located at Warsik Road in Peshawar, the capital city of Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

    According to sources, a terrorist also blew himself outside the school auditorium, ARY news reported.

    A school teacher said that around 1,400 to 1,500 students study in the school. Over 500 students and teachers were trapped in the building.

    Around four to five terrorists first set a vehicle on fire and then stormed the school building.

    Commandos and security forces have surrounded the area and are feverishly attempting to end the crisis.

    "It was the fourth period. We were in our classes. They (the terrorists) were carrying guns in their hands," a school student told the media.

    "Our principal told our teacher that the students have to be evacuated. Suddenly we saw army personnel arriving," the student said.

    Uday, a lab assistant at the school, spoke about the horror.

    "I was hiding for one hour. The army came. They (the terrorists) numbered six-seven. They had big rifles," he told reporters.

    A military helicopter is also monitoring the situation.

    Security sources have said that majority of the children have been rescued.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned the violent incident and ordered the safe rescue of the ones trapped in the building.

    The children said that the terrorists attacked the auditorium where they were appearing for their examinations.

    The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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  • Rupee Slumps to 13-Month Low of 63.53/Dollar

    The Indian rupee slumped nearly 1 per cent on Tuesday to register a 13-month low of 63.53 per dollar. This is the weakest level for the rupee since November 13, 2013 when it hit a low of 63.90 per dollar.

    Here are the reasons for the sharp weakness in the rupee,

    1) Risk assets including equites are under pressure amid rising concerns about the global economy. Sliding oil prices and a downbeat China factory survey weighed on Asian shares on Tuesday, while the rouble jumped after Russia sharply increased its benchmark interest rate in a bid to halt a collapse in its currency.

    2) The rupee has come under selling pressure tracking steep losses in emerging market currencies. On Monday, the Indonesian rupiah hit a 16-year low amidst a slump in crude prices and worries about US rate hikes expected next year.

    3) A slew of negative data points have hit domestic sentiments, analysts say. Trade deficit widened to $16.9 billion in November - an 18 month high. A year ago, trade deficit was under $10 billion. The unexpected contraction in industrial output in October has sparked concerns about economic growth.

    4) Foreign funds have sold shares in each of the last five trading sessions until Monday, putting pressure on the rupee, analysts say.

    5) Expectations of a rate cut have led to softening of bond yields and put pressure on the currency, analysts say.



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  • Indo-Americans hail Murthy’s confirmation as US Surgeon General

    Nevada (USA): Indo-Americans have hailed the confirmation of Vivek Hallegere Murthy, a 37-year-old physician of India descent, to the position of United States (US) Surgeon General.

    Distinguished Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said: Indo-American community is delighted and thrilled and feels honored by this confirmation. A “smart choice”, Zed remarked.
    Zed, who is Chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation, noted: We applaud Murthy's confirmation, an outstanding physician who has demonstrated to be a sincere and innovative health leader and visionary, committed to improving the health of Americans. We thank US Senate for approval of his nomination, Zed added.
    Congratulating Dr Murthy on the confirmation, Rajan Zed stated: We believe that he will continue with his dedication to improve the health and well being of all Americans, making a positive impact.
    A Yale graduate currently a hospitalist at Harvard Medical School whose parents reportedly emigrated from Karnataka, Murthy will be the youngest surgeon general in US history and first of India descent. There are reportedly about 80,000 doctors of India descent in US, which makes them about ten per cent of the total physician population.
    Murthy reportedly has links to Hallegere village of Karnataka’s Mandya district, which is known for Brindavan Gardens.
    As the Nation’s Doctor, the Surgeon General provides Americans with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury. The Surgeon General, whose history goes back to 1871, is nominated by US President with advice and consent of the US Senate for a four-year term of office. Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak is Acting Surgeon General.


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  • Mystery prevails: 65-year-old commits sati

    Bihar: There is no evidence, no witness, yet the 65-year-old Gahwa Devi, who hails from Parmania village, Bihar, is said to have committed sati on Saturday, Dec 13, following her husband’s death.

    Family members and relatives stated that Gahwa’s husband Ramcharitra Mandal was suffering from cancer. Husband’s sudden demise left Gahwa unconsolable and she ended her life by jumping into his funeral pyre.

    As per Saharsa SDPO Prem Sagar, the incident took place when the oldster’s family members were taking a bath after performing Ramcharitra’s last rites.

    Seeing no one around, the grief-stricken widow apparently jumped into the flames, committing sati. When her family returned and looked for her, she was missing.

    Panic-stricken family members rushed to the cremation ground and spotted her on the funeral pyre of her husband.

    The villagers informed the police about the incident and expressed dismay over the fact that the oldster’s family didn’t try to rescue her.

    When contacted, Gahwa’s son Ramesh Mandal told reporters that his mother suffered from a heart attack following his father’s death and they cremated her with him.
    "My mother died of heart failure due to shock over my father’s death," said Ramesh, denying the allegations of the villagers.

    Police described it as a case of suicide and has not registered any case in this matter.
    "We have probed the incident and also video recorded the statements of the villagers.

    They all have corroborated the incident. Devi was grieving, but otherwise, was mentally sound. We have taken it as suicide and not filed a case in the matter," the SP told reporters.

    The Indian Sati Prevention Act, 1988 has banned the practise of sati across India.
    However, the truth behind Gahwa’s death is still a mystery.


    Courtesy: Deccan herald


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  • Sushma Swaraj seeks details about Sydney hostage taking

    New Delhi (IANS) External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Monday sought details of a hostage taking incident in Sydney and has spoken to the Indian envoy in Australia.

    According to sources, the minister spoke to Indian High Commissioner Biren Nanda about the unfolding drama in a Sydney cafe where a gun-wielding man has taken over 30 people hostage.

    According to New South Wales (NSW) police, a gunman took customers hostage at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place.

    NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn tweeted that three hostages have emerged from the cafe.

    The Indian consulate office in Sydney and the staff have been safely evacuated, it was reported.

    It is not yet known if there are any Indians inside the cafe.

    Ministry of external affairs spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted: "In case of queries about Indian nationals following events in Sydney contact Viond Bahade Dy Consul General at phone +61 481 453550."


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  • VHP to organise 'ghar wapasi' in Sonia Gandhi's constituency

    Lucknow(IANS) The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Monday announced its plan to organise a 'Ghar Wapasi' (home coming) programme in Rae Bareli, Congress president Sonia Gandhi's parliamentary constituency.

    VHP's Rae Bareli district unit chief Harish Chandra Sharma said the saffron group has identified 60 families who were ready for 'home coming'. There was no allurement or coercion in the process, Sharma added.

    He also said some "pseudo-secular" parties and politicians were trying to give "ghar wapasi" a communal colour though it was a simple and consistent work done by the VHP and its affiliates.

    The VHP leader said the group plans to conduct "ghar wapasi" of about 100 families and as soon as this target is met, a date would be announced for the re-conversion to Hinduism.

    The district administration, however, said the state government has made it clear that such events cannot be allowed. "So far, we are not aware of any such move, in case something comes to our notice, we will act," a district official told IANS.

    Saffron organisations in the past few days have intensified their the "home coming" programme, specially after a successful mass conversion in Agra.

    Meanwhile, Samajwadi Party legislator Zameerullah launched a helpline and set up a control room in Aligarh to keep a vigil on such events.


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  • Hindutva upsurge will tar Modi's image

    The first phase of the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) politics was marked by the targeting of mosques and churches. After the advent of Narendra Modi, the scene has become quieter. In fact, the Ram temple issue has been put on hold and even the fulminations against "love jihad", the supposedly sinister plan of Muslim youths to marry Hindu girls, have faded away, at least for the time being.

    But that doesn't mean that the votaries of Hindutva have taken a back seat. Instead, the xenophobic potion of cultural nationalism, or the ideology of "one people, one nation, one culture", is being administered in small doses. The latest ploy is "ghar wapsi" or inducing Muslims and Christians to "return home", i.e., to their original religion of Hinduism, even if some of them are untouchables in the eyes of upper caste Hindus.

    It is no secret, however, that religious fervour has little to do with these exercises of offering prayers over sacred flames in a purification ceremony for cleansing the non-Hindus. These are blatantly provocative acts of political gamesmanship in line with the decades-old majoritarian philosophy of creating tension with the aim of making political gains by targeting the minorities.

    It is evident from these divisive endeavours by organisations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and others at the behest of their mentor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), that the militants in the saffron camp are paying no heed to the prime minister's call for observing a 10-year moratorium on sectarianism. Instead, they have become more intent than before to push forward their agenda of establishing their cherished Hindu 'rashtra' (nation) where the minorities will be second class citizens.

    A hint of this objective is discernible from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's call for making the Bhagavad Gita, the philosophical treatise for Hindus, the "national scripture". What the minister has ignored is that a step of this nature will mean relegating the holy books of other religions such as the Quran or the Bible or the Guru Granth Sahib or the Avesta of the Parsis to a secondary status in a constitutionally mandated secular nation.

    If this possibility did not bother the minister, the reason is that in the fascistic worldview of the saffron brotherhood, the minorities cannot be equated with the "master race" of the Hindus.

    No one emphasized this distinction between the master and the rest more vigorously than BJP minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti when she distinguished between Ramzadas, or the children of Ram, the Hindu god, and haramzadon or the off-springs of illicit unions.

    Even after she apologized to parliament, another former minister belonging to the BJP, Swami Chinmayananda, supported the sadhvi by saying that such appellations are in order as long as these illegitimate children remain in the country (aise haramzade desh main hain).

    There is little doubt that these vicious prejudices are far too strongly embedded in the minds of the saffronities that they brook no sane advice, as from Modi.

    In keeping with this concept of the innate superiority of the Hindus and Hinduism, the VHP has been insisting on the installation of the idols of Hindus gods and goddesses in churches and Christian missionary schools. Clearly, an insidious campaign is being carried on by the aggressive followers of Hindutva to create an atmosphere where the minorities will be browbeaten to accept Hindu customs at the expenses of their own cultural and religious distinctiveness.

    It goes without saying that a part of this campaign is the attempt being made by Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani (who has read only up to Class 12) to impose Sanskrit on the school curriculum. Like the tenuous link between the 'ghar wapsi' drama and religion, the focus on Sanskrit has nothing to do with a thirst for higher education. Instead, it is motivated by the belief in the RSS cabals that the teaching of the ancient language will wean the English-speaking middle classes from their Westernized ways.

    However, the advocates of Sanskrit will be appalled if a deep knowledge of the language makes the students aware of its links with Latin and enables them to peruse texts which show that the ancient Hindus ate beef, as is claimed by D.N. Jha in his book, "The Myth of the Holy Cow".

    Arguably, the difficulty of the Hindutva brigade is that unlike the 1990s when they succeeded in drumming up a wave in their favour by demolishing the Babri Masjid and targeting the Mathura and Varanasi mosques for destruction, their present antics are unlikely to yield political dividends when most people have become aware of their unholy objectives.

    Moreover, the senior BJP leaders are seemingly concerned about the adverse fallout, both nationally and internationally, from the tactics of the saffron hotheads not only on the reforms but also on Modi's personal image. As it is, he is seen to be dithering on the economic front. If he also fails to control the Taliban-type fundamentalists in his camp, few inside and outside India will believe in his 'sabka saath, sabka vikas' (development for all) pledge. ...

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  • Rajasthan: Ten persons burnt alive, 12 injured

    Jaipur (PTI), 2014 Ten persons were burnt alive and 12 others injured when a gas tanker caught fire and exploded on the highway near Beelpur village, 35 kms from here, late last night.

    Seven vehicles going through the highway at the time also caught fire. The accident caused a huge traffic jam on the national highway which was cleared in the morning.

    Out of the ten killed, three have been identified as Dakshul (6), Radhamohan (40) and Vinod (37), SP, Jaipur (Rural) Nitin Deep said.
    The cause of the fire is still not clear, he said.


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  • Direct LPG subsidy transfer to users across India from January

    New Delhi: Beginning new year, LPG consumers across the country will start getting cash subsidy so that they can buy the cooking fuel at market price.

    In preparation of the launch of the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG, which has now been renamed PAHAL, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan reviewed the progress, right from getting a first-hand feel of the consumer interface through a newly launched website to calling up an aggrieved consumer himself to understand problems being faced.

    The ambitious plan, launched by the previous UPA government in June 2013 but abruptly stopped earlier this year following court orders, has been modified to exclude the requirement of unique identification number (Aadhaar) for availing the cash subsidy.

    The scheme has been rolled out in 54 districts from November 15 and will extend to rest of the country from January 1.

    At the review meeting with top ministry officials and officers of the three oil marketing companies, he instructed launching of Hindi and regional languages versions of website www.myLPG.in.

    "We need to get the work done on war-footing," he said at the review.

    Besides making suggestions on user interface, Mr Pradhan on his mobile phone dialled one Dhillon of Ludhiana who had complained on ministry website of not receiving cash subsidy.

    He then went on to check booking and delivery status as well as cash transfer in random cases.

    PAHAL or Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh will be implemented in all districts from January 1, he said.

    Under the scheme, LPG consumers will get cash subsidy in their bank accounts so they can buy a cooking gas cylinder at market price.

    Cash equivalent to the difference between the current subsidised rate and the market price is transferred to the bank account of a consumer the moment he or she makes the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme.

    The moment a consumer takes delivery of the cylinder, another advance cash subsidy is transferred to the bank account.

    DBT (direct benefit transfer) is designed to ensure that the subsidy meant for the genuine domestic customer reaches them directly and is not diverted. Government is looking at saving Rs 10,000 crore in subsidy by curbing diversions and pilferages.

    In 54 districts covering 11 states, the scheme covers 2.33 crore households. Currently, the Aadhaar generation level is 95 per cent in these districts.

    Under the scheme, consumers will now receive SMS at every stage of enrolment in the scheme.


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  • Record Manmohan Singh's statement: Court tells CBI

    New Delhi(IANS): A special court hearing the coal block case involving industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla and others here Tuesday asked CBI to record the statement of former prime minister Manmohan Singh who was then holding coal ministry portfolio.

    Special Judge Bharat Parashar asked Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to record the statement of Manmohan Singh in the case.

    The court also ordered CBI to conduct further investigation in the case and posted the matter for Jan 27.

    "I have ordered further investigation. I desire that statement of then coal minister (Manmohan Singh) be recorded beside other officials," the judge said.

    The CBI had booked Birla, former coal secretary P.C. Parakh, and others on charges of criminal conspiracy and corruption in the coal blocks' allocation in October 2013.

    But the central investigating agency filed a closure report in the case Aug 28, saying: "The evidence collected during investigations did not substantiate the allegations levelled against the people named in the FIR (first information report)."

    The court, earlier, sought to know on what basis did the CBI draw its conclusion to close the case and what kind of investigation it has conducted.

    The court also sought clarifications from the CBI whether an element of criminality was involved in allocating the coal blocks to the Birla-promoted Hindalco firm.

    Special Public Prosecutor R.S. Cheema, in the last month's hearing, had told the court that it could take cognizance of the CBI's closure report filed Oct 21 as there was no prima facie "evidence against the accused to show their involvement".

    The court Nov 25 has asked the investigating officer if officials at the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and the then coal minister were examined. The officer said some PMO officials were examined but the then coal minister was not.


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  • Challengers release Yuvraj, Delhi Daredevils let KP go

    Bengaluru (DHNS): The Royal Challengers Bangalore on Monday released Yuvraj Singh, their most expensive buy in the last Indian Premier League auction while Delhi Daredevils released 13 players including Kevin Pietersen.

    Royal Challengers had paid a whopping Rs 14 crore to acquire Yuvraj, but the move had consumed a large share of their auction money, affecting their bid to buy other players. On the field too, the move did not pay the desired results as Yuvraj struggled to contribute consistently with bat or ball.

    The left-hander was the second highest run-getter for Royal Challengers with 376 runs with three fifties at 34, but at various stages he failed to reach the lofty standards of old.

    The Punjab man did not do anything remarkable with his left-arm spin, delivering 22.4 overs for just five wickets at 37.40 and at an economy rate of 8.27. The Royal Challengers finished seventh in the eight-team tournament despite possessing a clutch of heavy hitters at the top.

    The Royal Challengers sources indicated that they might buy back Yuvraj at a lesser price in the next auction, scheduled to be held in January. His omission from India’s 30-man probables for the World Cup next year too has contributed to the dip in his value.

    In effect, the move to release Yuvraj will add Rs 14 crore to the auction fund of the Royal Challengers, and with the team also releasing the likes of Muttiah Muralitharan and Ravi Rampaul besides others, they will have a purse of Rs 21 crore for the auction.

    Daredevils, another team that has failed to piece together consistent efforts over the past editions of the IPL, too decided to let go some of the big names in their line-up. Pietersen, who has made only sporadic appearances for the team in the past due to his commitment with the England team and also because of injuries, has been released along with India opener M?Vijay and wicketkeeper batsman Dinesh Karthik.

    In other significant moves, Mumbai?Indians released pacer Zaheer Khan along with left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha. They have already released batsman Mike Hussey. Kings XI?Punjab too joined the off-loading trend, by letting go of India Test player Cheteshwar Pujara, and former Indian players Murali?Kartik and L?Balaji.

    List of players released

    Royal Challengers: Yuvraj Singh, Muttiah Muralitharan, Albie Morkel, Ravi Rampaul, Sachin Rana, Shadab Jakati, Tanmay Mishra
    Mumbai Indians: Pragyan Ojha, Zaheer Khan, Jalaj Saxena, Ben Dunk, Apurva Wankhede, CM Gautam, Krishmar Santokie, Sushant Marathe
    Sunrisers Hyderabad: Amit Mishra, Aaron Finch, Darren Sammy, Irfan Pathan, Jason Holder, Venugopal Rao, Brendan Taylor, P Parameswaran, Anirudha S, Manprit Juneja
    Chennai Super Kings: Ben Hilfenhaus, John Hastings, Vijay Shankar, David Hussey.
    Delhi Daredevils: Kevin Pietersen, Dinesh Karthik, Murali Vijay, Jayadev Unadkat, Ross Taylor, Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Rahul Sharma, Wayne Parnell, Jimmy Neesham, Siddarth Kaul, Rahul Shukla, HS Sharath, Milind Kumar.
    Kings XI Punjab: Cheteshwar Pujara, L Balaji, Murali Kartik.
    Kolkata Knight Riders: Jacques Kallis, Debabrata D, Sayan Mondal.
    Rajasthan Royals: Brad Hodge, Unmukt Chand, Kevon Cooper, Ankit Sharma, Amit Sharma, Ankush Bains.:

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  • Some tourists come to Goa only for drugs: CM

    Panaji: Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar Tuesday conceded to the state's reputation as a narco-tourism destination, saying there is a section of tourists who come to Goa only to indulge in drugs.

    Parsekar was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a media related function in Panaji.

    "I admit there is drug trade in Goa. There is a section of tourists who come to Goa only for drugs," Parsekar said.

    The chief minister said so on being asked about the prevalence of narcotics in Goa, one of the best known beach tourism destinations in the country.

    The chief minister also said that this particular section of tourists, who were attracted by prospects of availing cheap narcotics, do not contribute much to tourism and need to be stopped.

    Goa attracts three million tourists annually, of whom half a million are foreign nationals. ...

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  • Rethink bail terms for former BJP minister Janardhana Reddy: SC

    Bengaluru: The Supreme Court has asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to reconsider the conditions imposed for grant of bail to mining baron and former BJP minister G Janardhana Reddy in an illegal mining case involving Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC).

    A three-judge bench presided by Chief Justice H L Dattu put the matter for consideration on Tuesday after Reddy’s counsel Dushyant Dave submitted that he had objection over one of the seven conditions set by the CBI for his release on bail.

    The court had earlier on November 28 indicated it could consider granting conditional bail to Reddy.

    Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, appearing for the CBI submitted that the agency would file an affidavit on Tuesday in this regard.

    Dave, on his part, submitted that all the conditions imposed by the CBI was acceptable except one. He, however, did not elaborate on the condition.

    The apex court had earlier told the CBI to decide by December 15 the conditions on which the petitioner could be granted bail.

    Reddy had pointed out that he has been in jail for over three years and he was seeking bail in view of his poor health among other reasons.

    The court had in July said it would consider Reddy’s bail if the trial against him was not completed within six months.

    Reddy had approached the apex court challenging a 2013 order High Court’s decision rejecting his bail petition.

    The petitioner and his brother-in-law B V Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director of OMC, were arrested by CBI on September 5, 2011 from Ballari in Karnataka and brought to Hyderabad. He is facing five other charges along with other accused. ...

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  • Congress former minister Santosh Lad in House after one-year gap

    Belagavi: Santosh Lad, Congress member from Kalaghatagi and former minister, made it to the Assembly on Monday. He had kept off from the House for the last one year.

    Lad, a mining businessman, had to resign as minister just days before the winter session of the legislature commenced in 2013, after the BJP charged that he was involved in illegal mining.

    Speaking to reporters, Lad said, “I am pained by the developments that took place last year. Hence, I had not participated in the deliberations of the Assembly. I did not even go to my constituency. But I ensured that all works were implemented.”

    JD(S) MLAs H C Balakrishna, Mallikarjun Khuba and G T Deve Gowda, who were absent from the House last week, were present on Monday. However, another JD(S) member Zameer Ahmed was absent. ...

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  • Amid controversy, Chief Minister cancels Mangaluru trip

    Mangaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who was supposed to visit Dakshina Kannada on Sunday, cancelled his visit at the last minute. Sources said that he had come to the Bengaluru Airport, but dropped the plans, stating health reasons. 

    According to the actual schedule, CM was supposed to come to the city to attend various programs. Among there, inauguration of computer centre at Sathya Sai Vihar in Bantwal, participate in the silver jubilee celebrations of Dharmasthala Yoga and Naturopathy College at Ujire and also at the valedictory function of Vishwa Tuluvara Habba in Mangaluru during his Dakshina Kannada visit.

    It’s however learnt that the Chief Minister cancelled his plans to attend Vishwa Tuluvera Parba, as the festival faced a lot of criticisms. Earlier, former Union Minister Veerappa Moily, who was supposed to inaugurate it too skipped the festival, due to the opposition from a section of people.

    Environmentalists warned to stage protest, if Moily inaugurated the festival, as he was the chief architect behind the Yettinahole project. On the same lines, Chief Minister Siddaramaih too did not participate. Apart from this, the venue of the festival too faced opposition, as there was a court case against Sahyadri college, which allegedly dumped loads of mud to the Nethravathi River to construct playground. The festival too was hosted at the same venue.

    Besides, sources also said that some Muslim organizations had planned to protest against the CM over the recent developments in the city, which apparently led the CM to change plans.

    In addition to it, Chief Minister Siddaramaih who was supposed to visit Dharmasthala for the foundation stone laying ceremony of Naturopathy College, Ujire too faced an opposition. According to the Nagarika Seva Trust, Dharmasthala was given free land from the government to develop it as a park. However, the management instead constructed a college, the trust members said. ...

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  • HL Dattu: “Huge pendency of cases, biggest hurdle in delivery of justice”

    Bengaluru: Chief Justice of India H.L. Dattu, speaking after inaugurating the Biennial State-Level Conference of Judicial Officers with the theme, ‘Dispensation of justice: qualitative, responsive and timely’, organized by the Karnataka State Judicial Officers’ Association here on Saturday said that “One of the biggest hurdles in the delivery of justice is the huge pendency of cases before courts”.

    “Pending cases could be dealt with by the judiciary through reform and a focus on modern management and social relevance, he said, adding that judicial officers had to look beyond merely reducing litigation”, he said.

    “Though there was no dearth of legal minds in the country, there was still criticism that the delivery of justice was slow and ineffective. In that context, he said judicial officers must possess character, merit and integrity, which were qualities that developed over weeks, months and years”, he added.

    He said, “I don’t ask for a revolutionary movement, but small and simple actions by each of us.”

    T.B. Jayachandra, Minister for Law, said in Karnataka, there were 12,36,506 cases pending at the district-level. Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court D.H. Waghela said 12.5 lakh cases were disposed of this year in two Lok Adalats. These were part of 17.4 lakh cases of which four lakh cases were shown as pending.

    He said in terms of efficiency, Karnataka topped the list with minimum number of cases that were five years old. The State was No. 1 in computerization and infrastructure, and a majority of cases did not go to higher courts. At present, computerization of judicial processes was being planned for the next 20 to 25 years. ...

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  • Lack of adequate streetlighting a boon for muggers on Ring Road

    Bengaluru: If you are riding or driving in the night on the city roads, especially on desolate stretches with no streetlights on the ring roads or the interiors, do not stop even if you see someone appearing to need help. This is the lesson learned by a 32-year-old business analyst Bhushan Kumar, who was robbed of his mobile phone and Rs 1,600 cash at knife-point by two miscreants who not only robbed him, but forced him to push his two-wheeler for two kilometres after escaping with his bike keys.

    The incident occurred on Outer Ring Road (ORR) near HSR Layout, in the early hours of Friday, at 12.45 am, when Bhushan, a business analyst with a private firm in Information technology Park Bangalore (ITPB), was returning home to Doddakallasandra.

    According to Bhushan, as he was riding on the stretch on ORR, he saw two men standing by a fallen two-wheeler. He stopped and asked what had happened. The two replied that their bike needed some repairs and whether he knew of any garage close by.

    Snatched keys, cash

    When he told them they wouldn't be able to find any garage open at that time of the night, "one of the miscreants suddenly took my bike keys (from the ignition) and at knife-point asked me to hand over my mobile phone. When I did not, they snatched my phone and took Rs 1,600 cash out of my wallet. They returned the sim card, but told me they would not return the bike key as I might follow them."

    The miscreants immediately got on to their fallen bike and rode away, leaving Bhushan stranded at the spot without his bike keys.

    "I didn't know what to do; I was so scared that I just pushed my bike till BTM Layout (2 km) where my friend resides. I took my friend's phone and called my brother to ask him to get the duplicate keys of my bike," he said.

    Bhushan is so terrified by the incident that "I will never take my bike out and travel on the ORR. That stretch is so dark; there are streetlights before and after it (that particular stretch), but as soon as the flyover begins only the streetlight poles stand, but lights do not work."

    He considers himself lucky to have got away unscathed, but wonders: "What if someone is knocked down by a fast moving heavy vehicle on that stretch? Nobody would get to know!"

    Last month, a similar incident took place wherein a techie was thrashed by a few miscreants on an ORR stretch between Bellandur and Silk Board Junction. The 28-year-old techie, who wishes to stay anonymous, said he was stopped by two bike-borne miscreants near Hanuman Statue on Sarjapur Road and was beaten up for not parting with his money.

    "I didn't carry any cash that day. They abused me for not carrying cash and using only credit and debit cards. I am so scared after that incident, now I have stopped using my bike; I started travelling in the office cab."

    Lack of streetlights to be blamed

    HSR police officials said, "The streetlights on the ORR stretch between Silk Board Junction and Iblur are not functioning. Since the past three months, it has been a problem for commuters. We have installed check posts at in six places starting from Iblur till Bommanahalli. Night patrolling is carried out regularly from 11 pm till 6 am every week. We will be taking strict action against these miscreants who target techies commuting in this road after late night shifts."

    DCP South- East, Rohini Katoch Sepat, said, "We have informed Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) to switch on the lights on ORR. But if any such incident has taken place we will take action against the miscreants."

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  • 16 child labourers rescued in raid on Malpe port

    Malpe: A joint operation by officials of the Department of Labour in association with various other departments resulted in the rescue of as many as 16 child labourers  from the Malpe Fisheries Port on December 16, Tuesday. The  raid followed complaints from local residents regarding employing of children for works like picking fish at the port.

    The rescued children were entrusted to the custody of the Child Welfare Committee.  Officials of the District Balakarmika Yojana Sangha, CMC, Departments of Women and Child Welfare, Education and Social Welfare along with members of like-minded organisations were part of the operation.

    HP Jnanesh, Labour Officer of Udupi, Jeevan Kumar, Satyanarayana, labour Inspectors,  Diwaker Shetty, Deputy Director of Public Instructions, Keshava Koteshwara of Spoorthidhama,  Shivaji AK, CWC member and several other officials assisted in rescuing the child labourers.


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  • 'Miss Supra' Asha Bhat gets felicitated by Alvas foundation

    Moodbidri: Karnataka's pride, Asha Bhat, Miss Supra National-2014 winner and also a Alvas student was felicitated by Alvas educational foundation here on Monday.

    In the programme held at V S Acharya auditorium in Vidyagiri, Bhat said, "Each person gets opportunities. When I was in NCC at Alvas college, I learnt discipline and hard work. We should have dreams and to fulfill it there are always good opportunities. I too wanted to get felicitated when our director Dr Mohan Alvas used to felicitate achievers when I was the student here. Now that dream has come true," she said.

    Dr M Mohan Alvas who presided over the function said, "Asha Bhat was a talented student and a topper. She had good percentage in SSLC and she got free education under adopt plan of the school. Even in PUC, she was given free education for her excellence in NCC.

    She made India and Alvas college proud after she participated in an international NCC Cadet meet held in Colombo. By seeing her performance, I thought she would become a pilot or join the military services and make our country proud but instead she has opted for modelling and made Kannadigas, Indians and our college proud with her recent beauty contest title." He also urged the students to learn from Asha Bhat and make everyone proud.

    Ex MLA and trustee K Amarnath Shetty, Meenakshi Alva, Jayakar Alva were present at the function.

    Professor Deepa Jayakara compered the programme.


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  • Mangaluru: Rich tributes paid to martyrs on Vijay Diwas

    Mangaluru: Rich tributes were paid to the martyrs   at a solemn ceremony organised at the  War Memorial at Kadri in the city on December 16, Tuesday as part of Vijay Diwas. The day is observed to commemorate India’s win over Pakistan in the 1971 war. The programme was organized by DK District Ex-Servicemen’s Association, Lions Club International District 317D and Shasthavu Sri Bhoothanatheshwara Temple Trust.

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    kargil Vijay Diwas 1

    Deputy Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim who spoke on the occasion, urged the  citizens to remember the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers for the cause of their motherland .

    R Hithendra, City Police Commissioner,  Uma MG, Principal District and Sessions Judge,  N Vinay Hegde, Chancellor of Nitte University, Tulasi Maddineni, Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer.  Dr Sharanappa, SP, Vijayanath Vittal Shetty, Trustee of Shastavu Shree Bhoothanatheshwara Temple Trust,  Manjunath Bhandari,  Lions District Governor and others were present at the ceremony.

    Col. N, Sharath Bhandari, President of DK Ex-Servicemen’s Association spoke on the significance of observing Vijay Diwas.

    Three veterans of armed forces  namely Commander Jerome Castelino, recipient of Vishisht Seva Medal-Indian Navy; Sadashiv Prabhu,Additional Deputy Commissioner  and Brig. Vinod Adappa,Sena Medallist, 10 Sikh  Regiment, will be felicitated at a function to be held at Kadri Park on December 16, Tuesday evening at 5.30 pm.

    A variety of events including patriotic songs, dance,  screening of some clippings pertaining to the 1971 war and  Tulu comedy show Bale Thelipaale will be held.

    Amrith Paul, IGP, Western Range, Vishal Hegde, Trustee, Nitte Education Trust, Deputy Commissioner A.B. Ibrahim and others will participate.


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  • Sullia: Fake Doc who Ran Clinic in Town Arrested in Kalaburagi after 8 Years!

    Sullia: Mansoor Ali, who was impersonating as a registered medical practitioner and running a clinic here for some years, was found to be a fake doctor by the local chapter of the Indian Medical Association in 2007.

    On receipt of a complaint from the IMA, the clinic he ran in Gandhinagar here was raided by the police and he was stopped from practising any further. He is said to have married a local woman during his stay here.

    In 2010, he reportedly went missing with his daughter Rukhsan Niqahat. Soon thereafter, his wife had filed a complaint and requested the police to trace them.

    But the police had failed to find him. In the meantime, inspector Ravi, who was handling the case, got transferred from here in 2013.

    Circle inspector B S Satish, during the recent crime control month campaign, came across this pending case and specially deputed ASI Janardan and constable Pampapati to pursue it.

    They tracked him down in Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) and brought him here. He was produced in court and was sent to judicial custody.

    Enquiries have revealed that he has married three women from different places. The police are gathering more information about his antecedents and past records.

    A trader from Gandhinagar recalled that he had a flamboyant lifestyle and could impress people instantly. Nobody could believe that he was an impersonator, he added. ...

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  • Mangaluru: What's Cooking in Jail? Ulaibettu Accused Assault Mates Working in Kitchen

    Mangaluru: The district sub-jail here often hits the headlines for all wrong reasons. Group fights, assault on jail staff and the like have been common. There was an uneasy quiet during the past few months. After strict measures were taken, the situation appeared to have been under control.

    But the record was marred again by an incident on Monday, Dec 15 night. A late report said that a few inmates, arrested and lodged as undertrials, are said to have assaulted those working in the kitchen. Those who were involved in the attack are said to be persons arrested during the recent Ulaibettu disturbances.

    The police have expressed their ignorance over the incident and hence declined to comment on the reported incident.

    One of the relatives of an inmate, who wished to remain anonymous, said that in the first place the jail is overcrowded and understaffed. Often the fights take place on the lines of faiths. Although such potential trouble-makers are kept away from each other in separate cells, they get a chance to come face to face when food is served. It is here that the old scores are settled.

    Another felt that in many cases innocent persons were being arrested and jailed. There is a tendency among some inmates to keep passing rude comments and take barbs at others whom they do not like, on the basis of their religion. The victims tend to give vent to their frustrations by picking up fights for frivolous reasons, he said. 


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  • AAP dist. committee to be formed within two weeks: Party leader

    Mangaluru:  Ravikrishna Reddy, State Spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party has informed that the district unit of the AAP would emerge yet again within the next two weeks.


    Speaking to reporters at the AAP office in the city on December 15, Monday, he said the AAP is forming committees at all levels and that internal observers under Mission Vistar of AAP will form the committees.

    Commenting on the style of functioning of the state government, he said the Congress has failed to  avert communal tension and incidents of moral policing. He chose to describe both the Congress and the BJP as two faces of the same coin.

    He was also critical of the ministers from the undivided DK district and accused them of failure to discharge their duties satisfactorily. At the same time, he had a word of praise for Dakshina Kannada Deputy commissioner A.B. Ibrahim and said he was  providing good administration.

    Dr Mercy Pinto,   Alexander D’Souza and Rohan Shiri were also present.


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  • Beary Academy announces honourary awards

    Mangaluru: The Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy will confer its annual honourary Awards 2014 on B.M. Ichalangodu, B.A. Shamshuddin Madikeri and Mohammed Beary Edapadavu. The awards carry Rs. 10,000 cash purse and citation.

    Speaking to the reporters on Monday, Academy Chairman, B.A. Mohammed Haneef said that Prof. Ichlangodu will be honoured for his contributions in Beary language research and Shamshuddin will be honoured in the field of literature and Beary in the field of education. 

    He said that the awards would be presented at the Beary Language Conference to be held at Chikkamagaluru on January 10. Over 5,000 Beary speaking people are expected to attend the event, he said.

    Besides the honourary awards, the Academy has identified nine personalities for their contributions to various fields and would felicitate them during the language conference. They are, Mariam Ismail, Ismail Azad, A.M. Sridharan and Umar Farooq (for literature); K. Mohammed (for defence); Moidin Kunhi (for medicine); Azala Ayub and B.H. Noor Mohammed (for social service) and Mohammed Iqbal (for singing), he said.


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  • Udupi: High Court Passes Stay Order on Kambala Ban - Nagarika Samithi holds Vijayothsava

    Udupi: Celebrations echoed in the twin districts after the High Court of Karnataka passed a stay order on the Kambala ban imposed by the Deputy Commissioners of the twin districts here, on December 15.

    The Deputy Commissioners of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada District had imposed a ban on Kambala after following directives from the Supreme Court. The Kambala organizers of Udupi had moved the High Court questioning the imposed ban order.

    Justice Abdul Nazeer reviewing the petition filed by the Kambala Organizers has issued a stay order on the ban imposed by the Deputy Commissioners of the twin districts. The court has also directed the organizers to organize Kambala without harming the buffaloes in any manner. Tahsildars will be present during the Kambala event to ensure that no harm is done to the buffaloes. The Kambala can be organized in any Taluk says the order from the High Court.
    Nithyananda Volakadu, President of Nagarika Samithi, celebrated the court order in their favor holding a rally with buffaloes and traditional band.


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Mangalore News

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Mumbai Rounds
  • Uproar in Maharashtra legislature over farmers' suicide

    Maharashtra: Both the houses of Maharashtra state legislature witnessed uproarious scenes on Tuesday as the members of Opposition trouped into the well demanding discussion and voting over the drought situation and the spate of farmers' suicides in the state.

    The Congress and the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) had given notices for discussion over drought situation on Monday under rule 97 in the lower house and rule 289 in the upper house of the state legislature which entails voting.

    The government, however, agreed for discussion under section 260 in the upper house and section 293 in the lower house which does not entail voting.

    Infuriated members of Opposition trouped to the well in both the houses shouting slogans against the government accusing it of being "insensitive" to the farmers' issue.

    The upper house witnessed seven adjournments within a span of three hours before being adjourned for the day.

    In the lower house , the government managed to pass four amendment bills amidst uproar before the house was adjourned for the day when opposition members continued sloganeering against the government.

    NCP leaders Chhagan Bhujbal and Ajit Pawar criticised the government for "failing" to provide relief to the farmers.

    "The government should have declared a package for the farmers which would have sent a right message and the spate of farmers' suicides could have been curbed. But the BJP and Shiv Sena are not serious over the issue," Ajit Pawar told reporters outside the state legislature building.

    No decision over the Leader of Opposition for Assembly

    Uncertainty remained over the post of the Leader of Opposition in the lower house of Maharashtra state legislature on Tuesday even as the NCP proposed the name of senior leader and former home minister R.R.Patil's name for the post.

    According to NCP sources, Ajit Pawar submitted a letter to Assembly speaker Haribhau Bagde on Tuesday proposing R.R.Patil for the post.

    Outside the house, Mr.Pawar , however, refused to come clear on the issue.

    "Both parties have staked claim for the post but it’s the Assembly speaker's prerogative to choose the leader. He will do it according to the rules and regulations of the house and we will accept his ruling," said Mr.Pawar.

    The Congress and NCP, however, decided to "co-ordinate and work unitedly" for the rest of winter session of the state legislature to "raise people's issues" after a late night meeting between senior leaders of both the parties on Monday.


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  • Mumbai : Bunts Sagha Higher Education Institutions Annual Sports day held

    Mumbai : The Annual Sports Day of Bunts Sagha’s Higher Education Colleges held on 5th December at G N Khalsa College Sports Ground, Kings Circle.






    Karnere Viswanath Shetty president of Bunts Sangha Mumbai was the Chief Guest of this Sports events. Speaking on this occasion Karnere Vishwanath Shetty said Bunts Sangha along with supporting for education also supports for the sports which is necessary to support mental and physical health.
    Chairman of Higher Education committee Chandrahas K Shetty welcomed all the guests.
    Other office bearers of Bunts Sangha and Higher Education committee and other dignitaries of Bunts Sangha and from the college were present.
    Hundreds of students from the college participated in this event.


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Gulf Rounds
  • Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service

    Mogaveers UAE as every year successfully conducted the 7th year ‘Blood Donation’ Campaign at the Global Village with Al Ameen Service (Dubai police) on the 4th of December, 2014, Monday from 5.30 PM to 11.00 PM. This year the campaign was dedicated to the 43rd UAE National Day Celebration.

    A step towards the ongoing Save Life Campaign of Mogaveers UA E a enthustiatic team of Mogaveers led by Mr Yatish Puthran from Abudhabi with Abudhabi Mogaveers members and specially Mr.Bharath Kanchan & team Abudhabi were the first representative to be in time inspite of the busy working day and were the first to start the blood donation drive .

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_052

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_001

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_003

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_004

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_005

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_006

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_007

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_008

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_009

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_010

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_011

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_012

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_013

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_014

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_015

    Members from all the other emirates of the UAE later slowly turned into Global Village enthusiastically for this great cause . Mogaveers UAE also promised BDC that they will try to bring all the associations hailing from Karnataka to the Blood Donors club by 2015 through our ongoing Save Life Campaign.

    Major General Omar Al Falazi and team of Al Ameen Service congratulated the Mogaveers UAE team and Mr Bala Salian for this dedicated noble cause and Save Life Campaign .

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_016

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_017

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_018

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_019

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_020

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_021

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_022

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_023

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_024

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_025

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_026

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_027

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_028

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_029

    Mogaveers UAE save Life Campaign a Record with Al Ameen Service-Dece11_2014_030

    Total of 281 donors donated blood including 114 donors from Mogaveers UAE .
    As per the Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC), the need for blood is ongoing and must be met every day. The demand for blood is growing faster than the collection rate and DBDC has requested to have an instant response to the rapid growth in blood demand which is obviously proportionate to the fast growing population of the city along with healthcare facilities. The seasonal blood shortage obviously occurs in the holy month of Ramadan and through the summer holiday.DBDC is the only blood supplier in Dubai. Its services extend to Thalassemia patients (Thalassemia Center at Lathifa Hospital,Dubai), road accident and burn victims (Trauma Centre at Rashid Hospital), patients with neonates and maternity health complications (Lathifa Hospital Dubai), cases dia gnosed with cancer or scheduled for open heart operations (Dubai Hospital) as well as to all private health facilities within Dubai that are entitled for transfusion services.

    Organisers distributed Fruits, Juice ,water and Goodie Bag Save Life Campaign Car sticker to all the donors present during the campaign.
    Mogaveers UAE president Mr.L V Puthran ,also present during blood donation.Executive/members and family members also donated blood.

    Other community members also donated Blood ,Mr.Harish Kodi from Gowda Samaj & Family,Mr,Shabeer& family ,Mr.Irshad alongwith staff members & his friends also joined for blood donation camp till 11.30 pm.

    A Strong team of Mogaveers led by Mr Balakrishna Salian, was present during the full blood donation drive to make this programme a success .


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    Dubai: Legendary Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle will be receiving the ‘Life time Achievement Award’ at the prestigious 11th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) for her decades of dedication to Indian cinema and music with over 12,000 songs for 850 films in her singing career spanning seven decades and going on.

    Asha Tai is known for her incredible range and versatility, having recorded every style of music from film to folk songs, Indian classical music to pop songs, as well as ghazals and bhajans. She made her acting debut in the 2013 film ‘Mai’, at the age of 80, to critical acclaim; and has been awarded numerous accolades. These include being noted as the ‘most recorded artist in music history’ by the Guinness Book of World Records, being awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award (2000) and the Padma Vibhushan (2008) from the Indian government.

    DIFF Chairman Abdulhamid Juma said: “Asha Bhosle is a stalwart of the Indian music scene, and we are proud to be honoring her with this DIFF Lifetime Achievement Award. Her work has touched almost every corner of the world: we look forward to welcoming such a legend to Dubai and DIFF.”

    Asha Bhosle added: “I am delighted to have been nominated to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award from DIFF in Dubai – a place with long historic ties to my country. I look forward to visiting this special film festival, which has done so much work to promote the art worldwide.”

    The Lifetime Achievement Award is dedicated to honoring the world’s greatest film industry actors, writers, directors and producers. Previous winners include Martin Sheen, Omar Sharif, Faten Hamamah, Adel Imam, Jameel Rateb, Sabah, Morgan Freeman, Sean Penn, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Daoud Abdel Sayed, Youssef Chahine, Rachid Bouchareb, Souleymane Cisse, Nabil El-Maleh, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Terry Gilliam, Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Michael Apted and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

    About DIFF:
    The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is the leading film festival in the region. Since its inception in 2004, the festival has served as an influential platform for Arab filmmakers and talent at an international level, by spearheading the cinema movement in the region. The 11th edition of DIFF will take place from December 10 – 17, 2014.


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