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  • Pakistan violates ceasefire near Samba in Jammu

    New Delhi, October 22, 2014:  Pakistan soldiers on Wednesday again resorted to firing from across the International Border (IB) in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir in yet another act of ceasefire violation.
    "Pakistan Rangers resorted to small arms firing at Narainpur BoP along IB in Ramgarh sector of Samba district at around 1030 hours," said Ramgarh Station House Officer (SHO), Satesh Kumar.

    Confirming the ceasefire violation, a BSF spokesman said that Indian troops had retaliated to the Pakistani firing in brief exchanges.

    "There was no loss of life or injury to anyone in the firing," the spokesman added.

    The latest ceasefire violation comes 72 hours after the last instance of firing from across the border by the neighbouring country’s troops on the night of October 19 in Pargwal sector of Jammu district.

    Pakistani troops had also violated the ceasefire on Oct.

    18 and 17 by resorting to firing on BoPs in the Makwal and Allah mahi Da Kothay (AMK) areas of Jammu district.

    Before that, the ceasefire was violated twice on Oct. 17 along the Line of Control (LoC) in Hamirpur sector of Poonch district. Ceasefire violations also took place on Oct. 16 night.

    In firing from across the LoC in the Saujian-Kirni-Shahpur belts of Poonch on Oct. 15, a seven-year-old boy, Riyaz of Kuiyian Gotirian village, was injured.

    The IB and LoC in Jammu region have witnessed heavy firing and mortar shelling by Pakistani troops since Oct. 1 which has left nine persons dead and over 95 injured, including 13 security men.

    Around 30,000 people have fled their homes to avoid the shelling, leaving 113 hamlets deserted in the border areas.

    Courtesy: Indiatoday

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  • US court lets US group challenge Modi immunity

    New York, Oct 22, 2014, (IANS):  A US court has asked a human rights group to respond by Nov 4 to the US government’s suggestion of immunity.

    A US court has asked a human rights group to  respond by Nov 4 to the US government’s "suggestion of immunity" in a  case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for alleged crimes against  humanity.

    US federal Judge Analisa Torres Tuesday issued an order asking the  American Justice Center (AJC) to file its response to suggestion of  immunity for Modi filed by US prosecutor Preet Bharara’s office on  Sunday at the request of the State Department.

    The State Department in a letter to the US justice department had  conveyed the Indian government’s request to have the case against Modi  "dismissed on the basis of his immunity from jurisdiction as a sitting  foreign head of government."

    The letter by State Department legal advisor Mary McLeod to Acting  Assistant Attorney General Joyce R. Branda is dated Sep 30, the day Modi  had his formal summit meeting with President Barack Obama at the White  House.

    "The Department of State recognizes and allows the immunity of Prime  Minister Modi as a sitting head of government from the jurisdiction of  the United States District Court in this suit," McLeod wrote.

    "This letter recognizes the particular importance attached by the United  States to obtaining the prompt dismissal of the proceedings against  Prime Minister Modi in view of the significant foreign policy  implications of such an action," she added.

    However AJC legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannun contended that the  ’suggestion of Immunity’ filed by Bharara’s office is not binding on the  court as Modi’s alleged human rights violations before becoming Prime  Minister are not immune.

    "The selective and arbitrary approach of the US Department of Justice on  the issue of immunity to foreign leaders will be the key factor in  challenging the immunity to PM Modi," he said.

    The AJC case against Modi filed during his recent visit to the US seeks  his prosecution under the Alien Tort Claims Act and Torture Victims  Protection Act for his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots when he  was the state’s chief minister.

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  • Vatican's Message for Hindus during Deepavali Festival 2014

    Message forwarded by : Fr Cedric Prakash Sj

    Vatican City : As Hindus worldwide celebrate Deepavali or Diwali, the festival of lights, the Vatican has called on Hindus, Christians, followers of other religions and people of good to foster together a culture of inclusion  for a just and peaceful society.  In a message released on Monday,  the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Inter religious Dialogue wished Hindus worldwide for this year’s Diwali on Oct. 23.   “In the face of increasing discrimination, violence and exclusion throughout the world, 'nurturing a culture of inclusion' can be rightly seen as one of the most genuine aspirations of people everywhere,” wrote Council president, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran who signed the message. 

    Despite the several blessings of globalization, the message said that peoples, particularly the poor and marginalized have been excluded from the benefits of globalization, leading to various manifestations of discontent, discontent, uncertainty and insecurity.  Widespread materialism and consumerism have made people more self-absorbed, power-hungry and indifferent to the rights, needs and sufferings of others, leading to a "'globalization of indifference' and a 'culture of exclusion'. The exploitation of children and women, the neglect of the elderly, sick, differently-abled, migrants and refugees, and the persecution of minorities are sure indicators of this culture of exclusion.   The Vatican thus urged all to join hands to foster a culture of inclusion for a just and peaceful society.

    Below is the full text of the message:

    Dear Hindu Friends,

    - The Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue joyfully greets all of you on the festive occasion of Deepavali, celebrated on 23 October this year. May the Transcendent Light illumine your hearts, homes and communities, and may all your celebrations deepen the sense of belonging to one another in your families and neighbourhoods, and so further harmony and happiness, peace and prosperity.

    - We wish to reflect with you this year on the theme "Fostering together a culture of 'inclusion'". In the face of increasing discrimination, violence and exclusion throughout the world, 'nurturing a culture of inclusion' can be rightly seen as one of the most genuine aspirations of people everywhere.

    - It is true that globalization has opened many new frontiers and provided fresh opportunities to develop, among other things, better educational and healthcare facilities. It has ushered in a greater awareness of democracy and social justice in the world, and our planet has truly become a 'global village' due in large part to modern means of communication and transportation. It can also be said, however, that globalization has not achieved its primary objective of integrating local peoples into the global community. Rather, globalization has contributed significantly to many peoples losing their sociocultural, economic and political identities.

    - The negative effects of globalization have also had an impact on religious communities throughout the world since they are intimately related to surrounding cultures. In fact, globalization has contributed to the fragmentation of society and to an increase in relativism and syncretism in religious matters, as well as bringing about a privatization of religion. Religious fundamentalism and ethnic, tribal and sectarian violence in different parts of the world today are largely manifestations of the discontent, uncertainty and insecurity among peoples, particularly the poor and marginalized who have been excluded from the benefits of globalization.

    -The negative consequences of globalization, such as widespread materialism and consumerism, moreover, have made people more self-absorbed, power-hungry and indifferent to the rights, needs and sufferings of others. This, in the words of Pope Francis, has led to a "'globalization of indifference' which makes us slowly inured to the suffering of others and closed in on ourselves" (Message for the World Day of Peace, 2014). Such indifference gives rise to a 'culture of exclusion' (cf. Pope Francis, Address to the Apostolic Movement of the Blind and the Little Mission for the Deaf and Mute, 29 March 2014) in which the poor, marginalized and vulnerable are denied their rights, as well as the opportunities and resources that are available to other members of society. They are treated as insignificant, dispensable, burdensome, unnecessary, to be used and even discarded like objects. In various ways, the exploitation of children and women, the neglect of the elderly, sick, differently-abled, migrants and refugees, and the persecution of minorities are sure indicators of this culture of exclusion.

    - Nurturing a culture of inclusion thus becomes a common call and a shared responsibility, which must be urgently undertaken. It is a project involving those who care for the health and survival of the human family here on earth and which needs to be carried out amidst, and in spite of, the forces that perpetuate the culture of exclusion.

    - As people grounded in our own respective religious traditions and with shared convictions, may we, Hindus and Christians, join together with followers of other religions and with people of good will to foster a culture of inclusion for a just and peaceful society.

    We wish you all a Happy Deepavali! - Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President

    Contributed by : Fr. Cedric Prakash sj
    Director- Prashanth- a centre for Human Rights-Ahmedabad.


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  • Black money info will embarrass Cong: Jaitley

    New Delhi, Oct 22, 2014, DHNS: Hot on the heels of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stand that the government will disclose names of some  persons under probe for stashing black money abroad, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday quipped, “the Congress would be embarrassed by the names when we reveal them in court.”

    Jaitley said in a TV interview that the government had never said that it would not reveal the names of Indians who have undeclared income parked in foreign bank accounts.

    All that the government said was that treaties with other countries forbid the disclosure of names till charges are framed in court, Jaitley said. He underlined that this process would not take much time.

    “Once we inform the court, the names will automatically be  in public domain. The media and Congress got this story all wrong,” he told NDTV, adding that it’s the Congress which needs to worry, not the BJP.

    Jaitley said the tax treaties that compel confidentiality at this stage of investigation were signed by the Congress government in 1995.

    A separate list of at least 500 Indians who held accounts at HSBC in Switzerland was scrutinised by the government, Jaitley said.

    “Switzerland has agreed to share information about those Indians against whom evidence has already been collected in India by tax officials. Given Switzerland’s confidentiality rules, this is a major breakthrough,” he said.

    The BJP came under flak from the Congress and other parties after the government told the Supreme Court that it cannot yet make public a list handed over by Germany in 2009 of Indians with accounts in the tax haven of Lichtenstein. The information cannot be disclosed until probe was completed and cases filed in court, the government had said.

    The Congress charged the BJP with hoodwinking the people by making black money one of its major poll planks in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections and promising to bring back the money from foreign banks.

    Rejecting allegations of a U-turn by the government, Jaitley  said the NDA government would not withhold any information, including the names of account holders.

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  • Bangalore's horror continues: 4-yr-old kindergarten girl raped

    Bangalore: The city's paedophiles struck again on Tuesday, this time brutalizing a four-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by staff at her school in Jalahalli. The city police top brass reacted swiftly, rushed to the spot in the night as soon as the complaint was registered, and have detained six people for questioning.

    Though the police have filed a case of rape and sexual assault under several sections of CrPC and Proctection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, they are still verifying whehter it was a sexual assault or a physical assault.

    The incident was allegedly reported as having taken place at Orchids The International  School near HMT Theatre in HMT Colony Sector-2 in Jalahalli police station limits.

    Police said that the girl, a kindergarten student in the school, complained of severe pain in her private parts after she reached home. Her mother found the child was bleeding profusely and took her to a private hospital, where the doctors examined the girl and informed the mother that her daughter had been raped. Immediately, the horrified parents went to Jalahalli police station and filed a complaint.

    "The police swiftly rushed to the school and alerted senior officials about the incident. Information was gathered  about the number of teaching and non-teaching staff in the school and we are investigating," the police added.

    A police source said that the girl told the parents that an 'uncle' misbehaved with her. This made police suspect the role of the non-teaching staff, although some teachers  have also been detained.

    City police commissioner, M N Reddi, said that the investigation was in progress even as he confirmed that the girl had been sexually assaulted on Tuesday. "We have detained six suspects and we are questioning them. We will find the man who did it," he said.


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  • Khattar to be next Haryana chief minister

    Chandigarh, Oct 21, 2014, (IANS): Manohar Lal Khattar will be the next chief minister of Haryana. Khattar, 60, former Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) ’Pracharak’, was chosen by newly elected legislators of the Bharatiya Janata Party as their leader at a meeting here.

    He is a first-time BJP legislator from Karnal assembly constituency.

    The swearing-in of the new chief minister and other ministers is likely to take place Oct 26. The ceremony could be held at a sports stadium in Panchkula town, 15 km from here, instead of the Haryana Raj Bhavan here.

    In the Oct 15 elections to the Haryana state assembly, the BJP emerged the absolute winner for the first time on its own.

    Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu and senior BJP leader Dinesh Sharma were sent by the BJP’s parliamentary board as observers for the meeting of its Haryana legislators that chose Khattar as tehir leader.

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  • Koppal ; Former constable attempts to assault MLA with chappal

    Koppal, Oct 20 : A former Bangalore City Armed Reserve police constable, suspected to be mentally ill, allegedly tried to assault the former Minister and Yelburga MLA Basavaraj Rayareddy with a ‘chappal’ at a function in Mudhol village in Koppal district on Saturday.



    As per reports Basavaraj Hosahalli allegedly assaulted the former minister with slippers at a function attended by Rayareddy and P.T. Parmeshwar Naik, Minister of State for Labour.


    The MLA Rayareddy was heading towards the stage with the minister and others after inaugurating an Industrial Training Institute building when the incident took place.


    Immediately, the accused was caught and handed over to the polic ...

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  • BJP to decide Haryana CM today, Manohar Lal Khattar, Captain Abhimanyu frontrunners

    Chandigarh, October 21, 2014:  With the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) all set to form the government in Haryana, lobbying for the post of chief minister has intensified. Even as the newly elected party legislators are getting ready to meet here on Tuesday afternoon, contenders for the chief minister’s post are doing their bit as well.

    Among the frontrunners for the top job are Manohar Lal Khattar (MLA from Karnal), Captain Abhimanyu (Narnaud), Ram Bilas Sharma (Mahendragarh), Anil Vij (Ambala), Union minister Rao Inderjit Singh and former MP Chaudhary Birender Singh.

    Meanwhile, the BJP parliamentary board has deputed Union minister Venkaiah Naidu and senior party leader Dinesh Sharma as observers for the meeting which is scheduled to be held after 2 pm today.

    According to BJP sources, Khattar (60) is likely to be the next chief minister of Haryana. He has been a prominent Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader for the last four decades and close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He won the Karnal seat with a margin of 63,736 votes. Party sources said BJP president Amit Shah, Union minister Nitin Gadkari and senior party leader Jagdish Mukhi have invited him to take part in the discussions.

    When asked to comment, Khattar left it to the party high command to decide about who will be the chief minister. "BJP parliamentary board is supreme. Whatever they decide will be accepted by everyone. Our ideology clearly says that we do not believe in a caste. All the political parties, except the BJP, have divided Haryana among the castes," Khattar said.

    However, there are certain factors that can go against Khattar. Primary among them is the fact he is a first-timer and has no prior administrative experience.

    Among others vying for the chief minister’s post are those who didn’t even contest the Assembly elections. Prominent among these leaders are Chaudhary Birender Singh and Gurgaon MP Rao Inderjit Singh. Chaudhary Birender has openly said that he is keen to become Haryana chief minister. Claiming that he is one of the contenders, he said that there was nothing wrong in staking claim, but the decision would be taken by the party high command. "Those who are in the politics should not hesitate to hope. But we also know that these decisions are taken by the party high command," he said.

    His wife Prem Lata, who won the Uchana Kalan Assembly seat by defeating Dushyant Singh Chautala of the Indian National Lok Dal, has announced support for her husband who could not become the state’s chief minister while he was in the Congress party. "I will resign within a minute if the BJP high command gives him a chance to become the chief minister," Prem Lata said.

    Rao Inderjit Singh, who quit the Congress earlier this year to join the BJP, is also lobbying for the chief minister’s post. He has even indirectly claimed that he has the support of over a dozen party MLAs who want him to be the chief minister. "But the decision will be taken by the party high command after consulting the MLAs," he said.

    courtesy: Indiatoday


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  • New Delhi: Footballer in India Loses his Life While Celebrating a Goal

    New Delhi (AFP): A young footballer lost his life in India's north-east over the weekend after injuring his spinal cord while celebrating a goal he had scored, on Monday.

    Peter Biaksangzuala, 23, fell backwards on his head as he took a series of somersaults after scoring the equaliser for his team in a local match in Khawzawl town close to India's eastern border with Myanmar last Tuesday.

    As he lay on the ground in pain, unsuspecting team-mates jumped on him to celebrate before they realised the extent of the injury and summoned an stretcher to rush him to hospital.

    Biaksangzuala died on Sunday after his condition deteriorated in hospital as doctors attempted to repair his damaged spine, the newspaper quoted hospital staff as saying.

    Lal Hmar, a football official in Mizoram state, told reporters in capital Aizawl that the young footballer had donated his eyes before his death. (ISL: Youth Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Delhi Dynamos - Atletico de Kolkata Match)

    "Peter was a very talented player who dreamt of playing in the national league," Hmar said. "His death has come as a big shock to all of us. We all thought he will recover."

    Hmar said the local association was planning to hold a charity match in Biaksangzuala's memory. Footballers are known to injure themselves while celebrating a goal, but there is no recorded instance of it causing a death. ...

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  • MoEF gives nod for expansion, development of Hubli airport

    Hubli: An Expert Appraisal Committee under the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has accorded green signal to the expansion and development of an airport at Hubli in Karnataka.

    However, the committee has sought additional details to give environmental clearance for development of airport at Belgaum. Both the airports are run by Airports Authority of India (AAI).

    "After deliberation, EAC recommended the proposal (for environmental clearance) with the following conditions in the EC letter for strict compliance by the proponent (AAI)," the EAC said in the minutes of the meeting.

    The EAC in its meeting held in August 2014 noted that the existing and predicted noise levels presented by the AAI appeared to be 'unrealistic' and hence wanted them to be re-examined  during the aircraft 'landing and takeoff' and 'compare and validate' the values with the predicted noise levels by appropriate modelling.

    Based on details submitted by the AAI, the EAC, in a meeting held last month cleared the expansion program of the Hubli airport.In case of Belgaum airport, the AAI approached the MoEF to upgrade and modernise the existing airport to facilitate operations of four flights of A-321 aircrafts per day.

    Currently, it handles ATR-72 aircraft only.An MoU has been signed between the state goverment and AAI for the modernisation of Belgaum airport. The area of the existing airport is 360.34 acres and additional land having 370 acres area has been provided for the expansion phase by the state government. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 293.35 crore.

    Belgaum city has been identified as having potential for air connectivity based on criteria of population, economic potential and educational hub.

    The modernisation of the existing airport is expected to trigger growth in the region by providing additional employment facilitating growth of ancillary industries and trade centres.

    The EAC has asked the AAI to come up with details of likely impact of all the developments, on the unobstructed flow in natural drains, and measures taken to avoid flooding and submergence in neighbouring areas.

    The airport will be developed for safe operation of A-321 aircraft by development of a new runway and a terminal building to handle 200 peak hour passengers, apron, air traffic controller, runway end safety, apron, isolation bay, fire fighting equipments, rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant etc.

    The airport is presently handling 13,778 passengers annually which is expected to increase to 92,590 by 2022-23, the AAI said in its application for environmental clearance.


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  • CM announces raise in compensation to martyrs

    Bangalore: The Chief Minister Siddharamaiah announced that compensation to Police personnel, who attain martyrdom while fighting terrorists and naxals would be raised from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh besides announcing that compensation to those being rendered physically unfit during operation from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakh.

    Speaking after paying homage to Martyrs at CAR Grounds in city on the occasion of Martyr’s Day, the Chief Minister said that compensation to those injured during anti-terrorist and anti-naxal operation will be hiked from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2 lakh.

    Continuing, Siddharamaiah said that Group Insurance Scheme, which hitherto had been limited for constables and Head Constables, will be extended to ASIs and SIs with the Insurance amount raised from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh and added that the new proposal will benefit 83,939 Police personnel as it is found that many personnel are facing health problems like Blood Pressure and kidney related ailments.

    Police Public Schools: Stating that Police Public Schools have been set up at places like Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli, the CM added that Police Public Schools would be set up at Davanagere, Bellary, Gulbarga and Udupi at an estimated cost of Rs. 15 lakh each.

    He also said that Police quarters were being built for 11,000 Police personnel and 740 officers at a cost of Rs. 1818 crore and assured personnel taking part in anti-naxal and anti-terrorist operations, ultra modern arms, vehicles and necessary back up staff will be provided to them.

    Siddharamaiah also disclosed that out of 659 personnel who laid down their lives protecting the country, 10 were from the State of Karnataka.

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  • Bangalore Police confirms sexual assault on 3-yr-old; intensifies probe

    Bangalore: The sexual assault on a three-and-half-year-old girl student at a school here has been confirmed by doctors, as police have intensified the probe into the horrific incident which evoked protest from parents.

    The school staff members were questioned and the CCTV footage was being examined by the police, as outraged parents thronged the campus of Orchid International School demanding answers from its authorities on the incident.

    "The doctors (at a private hospital where the girl was taken for treatment yesterday) confirmed there was a slight bruise of a very small dimension, amounting to sexual assault," Bangalore Police Commissioner M N Reddi told reporters here.

    Reddy said, "There is the statement of the child and the injury and the circumstances. At this point of time, there is no other possibility. It looks like a sexual assault."

    A criminal case has been registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 and IPC section 376 (rape) on a complaint from the father of the child, he said.

    This is the third incident of a minor girl student being allegedly sexually assaulted on school campus in the city in the last four months.

    Reddy said the girl was crying when her mother picked her up from the school at Jalahalli yesterday noon and she was not behaving normal and had symptoms of fever.

    While the girl initially told her mother that someone beat her up, she later said she was sexually assaulted, police said.

    Reddy said it was difficult for the police to say they are clueless whether the crime happened on the school premises or outside. "Our objective is to detect the case and investigate fairly. It would be difficult for me to tell you we are clueless," he said.
    Asked about the school management clarifying that the assault took place outside the school campus, Reddi said the police would conduct a thorough investigation despite varied opinions about the crime.

    "We have spoken to all possible people including the school management....the police will do a professional investigation," he said.
    Reddi said the police had contacted the school management as per the demands made by parents and its chief has been asked to visit Bangalore. The school is an inter-state institution, whose main group is from neighboring Andhra Pradesh, he said.

    He also said the parents had been requested to form a small group of five to eight people, who would be in touch with the investigating authorities and management, "to tackle confusion over varied information pouring in."

    Reddy said the area and the classroom in which the girl sits also have been inspected and CCTV footage seized and being examined.

    "I am shocked about the news that the incident has happened in this school where the atmosphere was so good. I have come here to know from the management what has happened. I have been to this school, security is good here," a parent of a child studying in the school said.

    "If it is true that the incident has happened in the school, then we will definitely support that child and try to get justice for her," another parent said.

    Three cases of sexual assault on minor girls in schools have occurred in the last four months in Bangalore.

    An eight-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by her 63-year-old teacher inside her school premises over a period of time, with the offence coming to the fore in early August, barely a month after the "gang-rape" of a six-year-old girl at Vibgyor High School here evoked public outrage.

    The Vibgyor school incident saw public erupt in anger on the streets leading to police issuing stringent guidelines to schools to ensure safety of children and government amending the Goondas Act to bring sexual offences under its ambit


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  • Fadnavis remains BJP’s man in Maharashtra, Gadkari’s muscle-flexing a sideshow

    New Delhi, October 22, 2014:  Even as Union Minister Nitin Gadkari flexed his muscles by meeting nearly 40 newly-elected BJP MLAs in Nagpur on Tuesday, highly-placed sources in the party on Wednesday told India Today that Devendra Fadnavis remains the front-runner for the chief minister’s post.

    Calling Gadkari’s meeting with the MLAs as only a "sideshow", the sources said the party is not going to change a decision it made after it emerged as the single largest party with 123 seats in the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly.

    Although Gadkari has officially denied any chief ministerial ambitions, his meeting with the BJP MLAs was being seen as the former BJP president throwing his hat into the Maharashtra ring.

    Both Fadnavis and Gadkari are from Nagpur and both enjoy the confidence of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Fadnavis emerged as the frontrunner for the chief minister’s post after overcoming possible challenges from other party veterans like Eknath Khadse and Vinod Tawde. But now he may have to deal with Gadkari’s potential challenge as well.

    On Tuesday, Gadkari met Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at the latter’s residence in Delhi. They reportedly discussed the choices available for government formation in Maharashtra. After the meeting, Gadkari left for Nagpur to hold discussions with RSS top brass on possible options.

    Is the Shiv Sena joining BJP government in Maharashtra?

    The BJP sources said getting its former ally Shiv Sena on board was a bigger priority for the party. The party is trying to significantly scale down Uddhav Thackeray’s expectations as he faces tremendous pressure from within his party to join the BJP government.

    The BJP negotiators, sources said, have been asked to remain polite but firm in their deliberations with their partner of 25 years, who parted ways just before Maharashtra voted on October 15, making the Assembly elections a four-cornered contest.

    In the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly, BJP has won 122 seats, 23 short of a majority. Sena, which has emerged as the second largest party, bagged 63 seats. NCP has 41 in its kitty.

    The sources also said that if the BJP fails to get Sena on board, it is willing to run a minority government with outside support from Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party and independent candidates. The NCP support to the BJP, which experts have called a master-stroke, has killed Thackeray’s bargaining powers with the BJP.

    On its part, the Shiv Sena has deputed two senior leaders for discussions with the BJP leadership. Rajya Sabha member Anil Desai and senior Sena leader Subhash Desai arrived in Delhi on Tuesday for discussions with top BJP leaders.

    Will the BJP run a minority government in Maharashtra?

    Observers say that in case the Sena’s support is not sought, the BJP may still form the government and prove its majority on the floor of the House, with NCP abstaining. This option will help the party to maintain its dignity as it will not have to seek the support of NCP. Several NCP leaders are facing corruption charges and BJP will not like to be embarrassed by counting on NCP support.

    Meanwhile, the proposed meeting of the newly-elected BJP MLAs in Mumbai to elect their leader in the Assembly has been postponed as Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was appointed as an observer, decided to travel to Maharashtra capital later. "I am not going now. I think I will visit Mumbai after Diwali," Singh told reporters in Delhi.

    Courtesy: Indiatoday


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  • Another rape of a minor in a Bangalore school; parents, activists protest

    Bangalore: Parents and activists are protesting after a three-year-old girl student was allegedly raped inside a private school in Bangalore on Tuesday October 21.

    This is the third incident of a minor girl student being allegedly sexually assaulted on school campuses in the city.

    More than 15 parents from the Orchid international school approached the Bangalore police commissioner MN Reddy and requested the police to take action. Earlier they had met the Bangalore additional commissioner (Law and Order) Alok Kumar as well,  seeking justice.

    According to the complaint, the girl was crying when her mother picked her up from the school in Jalahalli and was not behaving normally. She also had symptoms of fever.

    A criminal case has been registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012 and IPC section 376 (rape) on a complaint from the father of the child, police said. CCTV footage from the school is being examined and the staff members were being questioned.

    A Special team has been formed to nab rapist, confirmed MN Reddy  No arrests have been made till now and parents and activists continue to protest.

    Home Minister Speaks:

    The Home minister KJ George speaking on the issues said that "Strict action will be taken against the culprits."

    "Action will be taken against the school if they have not adhered to the government guidelines", he added

    The Home minister has instructed that a thorough probe to be conducted. ...

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  • India grounds Sukhoi-30 fleet; safety checks on

    New Delhi, Oct 22, 2014:  India has grounded its entire Sukhoi-30 fleet and each aircraft is undergoing a thorough technical check following a recent crash near Pune.

    The fleet of about 200 twin-engine Su-30s would be back in air only when they are cleared by the technical review.

    "The fleet has been grounded and is undergoing technical checks following the latest accident in Pune. It would be back in air only after a thorough check," IAF spokesperson Wing Commander Simranpal Singh Birdi said.

    He did not specify what were the specific technical aspects that the force is looking into.

    The grounded fleet represent almost a third of the country’s fighter fleet.

    The IAF is down to 34 combat squadrons, as against an authorised strength of 44. Each squadron has up to 18 fighter planes.

    Last week, a Sukhoi-30 MKI had crashed in a field near Pune, and preliminary findings had suggested a technical problem in the fly-by-wire system as the cause and not human error.

    In a press statement, the IAF had named the pilots as Wing Commander S Munje and Flying Officer Anup Singh.

    "The SU 30 MKI Aircraft accident is under investigation. A Court of Inquiry is in progress to ascertain the actual cause of accident," he said.

    Incidentally, one of the two pilots was involved in a previous Su-30 crash too.

    This was the fifth accident involving a SU 30 MKI since 2009 and the fleet has at least been grounded twice earlier.


    Courtesy: Zeenews


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  • BJP chief appoints new pointsmen for states, Om Mathur entrusted UP

    New Delhi: Effecting a reshuffle of work responsibilities, BJP chief Amit Shah today appointed general secretary Om Mathur as incharge of the key state of Uttar Pradesh which goes to fresh assembly poll in 2017.

    Mathur, who was the party's poll incharge in Maharashtra where BJP is set to head a government for the first time after its good showing in assembly elections, was given the challenge of putting the party in power in UP.

    BJP had put up a splending show in Lok Sabha elections in UP in April-May this year.

    Party general secretary J P Nadda has been made in charge of Maharashtra?and Rajasthan, while another general secretary Rajiv Pratap Rudy was entrusted with the responsibility of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

    Rajasthan BJP leader Bhupender Yadav, another general secretary, has been made incharge of Bihar where assembly elections are due in November next year.

    In Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand, which are going to assembly polls early next year or later this year, the party chief has appointed Avinash Rai Khanna and Trivendra Singh Rawat as incharge respectively.

    Khanna, a leader from Punjab, was the incharge of J & K earlier too.

    General Secretary Prabhat Jha will take care of the party's affairs in Delhi where assembly polls are likely.

    Srikant Sharma, BJP's national secretary who was incharge of the party's media cell, has been given the charge of Himachal Pradesh.

    Ram Shankar Katheriya has been made BJP incharge for Punjab and Chhattisgarh while Romen Deka is the new incharge for party affairs in Arunachal Pradesh. Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar was earlier incharge of Punjab.

    BJP vice president Purshottam Rupala, who hails from Gujarat, is the new incharge for Goa while another vice president Dinesh Sharma is the incharge for Gujarat affairs.

    Party general secretary Murlidhar Rao, who was earlier incharge for Tamil Nadu, has now been entrusted with Karnataka.

    BJP Secretary Anil Jain, who was earlier the party's co- incharge for Haryana, has been elevated and entrusted with the the job of party's affairs in the same state.

    The party's leader from Tamil Nadu and national secretary H Raja has been made the incharge for Kerala and Lakshwadeep.

    BJP Secretary Poonam Mahajan, daughter of late party leader Pramod Mahajan, has been entrusted with the party's affairs in Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

    Party vice president Vinay Sahasrabuddhe has been enstrusted with party affairs in Madhya Pradesh, while BJP Secretary Shyam Jaju has been given the responsibility of Uttarakhand.

    BJP Secretary Sidharth Nath Singh has been made the incharge for West Bengal, stripping former General Secretary Varun Gandhi of the charge. The party is keen to expand its base in West Bengal, where assembly elections are due in 2016, and challenge ruling TMC. Earlier, he was co-incharge of party affairs there.

    BJP Secretary Arun Singh has been made the party's incharge for Odisha, while P K Krishnadas is the new incharge for the new state of Telangana.

    Party's leader Sunil Deodhar, who has been heading BJP's North-East Cell, is the new incharge for Tripura. ...

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  • AIBA suspends boxer Sarita Devi, coaches and chef-de-mission

    New Delhi, Oct 22, 2014:  AIBA has suspended India boxer L Sarita Devi and her coaches for an indefinite period because of her Asian Games protest. Her coach GS Sandhu and Indian chef-de-mission AJ Sumariwalla also faced the brunt. AIBA will not allow any of them to participate at all levels of various competitions, events and meetings until further notice.

    This case has been sent for review by the AIBA Disciplinary Commission, and it means that Sarita Devi will not be allowed to participate in the AIBA women’s world boxing championships in Jeju Islands (Korea), 2014, said an AIBA release.

    Sarita Devi, who had dominated her 60kg semifinals bout against South Korean boxer Ji-Na Park, had reacted strongly after she was declared the loser. She had refused to accept the bronze medal, but later apologised to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), which had given her a stern warning.

    Even though the AIBA had taken note of her written apology, it surprisingly decided to suspend not only the boxer but also other Indian officials as well.

    Earlier on October 2, reports suggested that Sarita Devi was about to face suspension after refusing to accept her medal on the podium in the Incheon Asian Games 2014.

    The International Boxing Association (AIBA) had taken a dim view of Sarita’s behaviour on the podium, opening a disciplinary case against her.

    “The whole incident looked like a well-planned scenario by her and her team, and it is regretful to watch a boxer refuse the medal regardless of what happened in the competition,” AIBA technical delegate David Francis said in a statement. 


    Courtesy: Zeenews


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  • HC summons BBMP Commissioner in PIL related to Geethalakshmi's death

    Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday directed the Commissioner of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike to be present in the court on November 5 as the civic body had not responded to the court’s notice on a public interest litigation (PIL) petition in connection with the death of nine-year-old Geethalakshmi, who was washed away after she fell into an open drain.

    A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice D.H. Waghela and Justice Budihal R.B. issued the direction after a counsel representing BBMP in some other court, said he was not authorized by the BBMP’s legal cell to represent in the PIL related to the death of the girl.

    However, the counsel for the petitioners, Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrasekhar, told the court that they served the petition copy to the Commissioner as per court’s earlier direction.

    Observing that it was “height of irresponsibility” on the part of BBMP as it had not responded to court’s notice, the court said that the Commissioner has to explain how its law wing functions. The Bench also orally observed that one could imagine what would be BBMP’s response when children die after falling into uncovered drains when it responds in this manner to the notice issued by the High Court itself.

    Meanwhile, the Bench also directed the State to file a statement on the first information report (FIR) registered in connection with the death of nine-year-old girl, and also ensure presence of the police officer entrusted with the investigation of the case.

    Also, the Chief Engineers of the eight zones of the BBMP will have to be present in the court to explain the actions initiated to implement the court’s July directions for removing encroachments from footpath, etc. ...

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  • Udupi: Deanery-level Altar Boys' Convention Evokes Good Response

    Udupi: Children should inculcate good moral values from their parents to become good citizens of our country said Msgr. Baptist Menezes, Vicar General of the Diocese. He was speaking after inaugurating the Altar Boys Convention at St Marys School premises, here on October 22.

    Children should be devoted to God at their tender age which shapes their personality and inspires them to lead their life as good citizens. They should put an end to reckless spending but retain their earnings and help the deprived in the society.

    Prior to the programme Altar Boys representing the 8 parishes proceeded in a procession carrying banners of their respective parishes. Fr Fred Mascarenhas of Mother of Sorrows Church brought the Holy Bible in  the procession along with other priests, he placed the Bible reverently on the decorated stand. Thereafter, paying respect to the Holy Bible, he read out a passage and explained the meaning of the passage.

    More than 350 Altar boys from 8 Churches of Udupi deanery like Perampalli, Udupi, Udyavar, Moodubelle, Kuntalanagar,Katpadi, Manipal and Kalmadi actively participated in the convention. Workshops, Sports and Cultural Events were organized for the Altar Boys.

    Fr Clement Mascarenhas, Secretary Catholic Education Society; Fr Alban D'Souza, Fr William Martis, Fr Anil D’costa, Deacon Roshan, Sr Noella, Sr Jacintha, Sr Santhi, Sr Stella, Greshan Butello, Secretary Parish Pastoral Council Udupi, Martel Lewis and others were present.

    Fr Denis D'Sa, Director Altar Boys, Udupi Deanery welcomed the gathering. Fr Roshan D'Souza delivered the vote of thanks.Jitesh Castelino compered the programme. ...

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  • Unidentified youth found dead at Uchila shores

    Mangalore, Oct 22, 2014:  The body of an unidentified youth   was  found  at the sea shore at Uchila Bettampady on October 22, Wednesday.

    Residents of the area say they had not seen the youth in the locality earlier. A  chit found  in the trousers of the dead man  had some details regarding the amount  due by him to someone. The suspicion is that he ended his life unable to repay the loan.

    Ullal Police have shifted the body to the morgue of Wenlock Hospital.Investigations are underway.


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  • Mangalore: Gold Worth Rs 6.13 Lakh Seized at International Airport

    Mangalore: The officers of Customs at the International Airport seized 224.750 grams of gold, valued at Rs.6,13,568/- in the form of silver paint coated wires concealed in the beading portion around the borders and edges of a black colored laptop bag carried by a passenger, who arrived from Dubai on October 22.

    The passenger Shafeeq Chakli (25), is a resident of Mogar House Mogralputhur, Kasargod District Kerala, he arrived at the Mangalore International Airport on October 22, at 07:30 hrs by Jet Airways flight 9W531 from Dubai.

    Operations were conducted under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Mangalore International Airport Hemen Gogoi.

    Further investigations are in progress.


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  • The bright and sacred significance of Deepavali

    Mangalore, Oct 22, 2014:  While  ’Mangalore Today’  and its team is happy to extended its warm Greetings to all its loyal readers it takes time to reflect and ponder on the sacred significance of this national festival which is celebrated even over seas in a big way with nostalgia by Indians who revere their roots.   An ancient festival, Deepavali or Diwali has seen a marked change in recent years, especially in the metros. Its modernisation and hype has no bounds.

    Usually a five-day festival, it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country, with rituals and practices varying from region to region. In recent days, shopping and splurging reach a frenzy, obscuring the significance of a festival that honours farming, fertility and regeneration. All near and dear are remembered and celebrated.

    Divine Traditions :  Festivals give an insight into the value and ethics systems of people. Hindu rituals, sacraments and festivals are related to such systems, and celebrate nature, scholars say.  Hindu theism is not only about God, but also about the triumph of good over evil, a principle shared by Buddhism and Jainism.

    Linked to Harvest  :   Renowned international researcher Githa U Badikillaya,  who teaches religious studies at Christ University, says all Indian festivals are related to agriculture.  Harvesting is a regular cycle through the Indian sub-continent , and festivals are associated with the defeat of asuras - evil powers, who with their death help the earth regenerate.  She says, “The legends say the asuras live underground and the devas above the sky and the space in between is their battle ground.  The asuras are generators of wealth and are associated with all plant wealth and minerals. Even Lakshmi resides in Patala, or the nether world. It is the devas who release the underground wealth for the benefit of humanity. The asura’s guru is Sukra who can resurrect the dead with his power of Sanjivani. Hence, when the earth’s fertility is stripped by harvesting, the asuras are able to restore it. Thus, with the death of an asura, the earth’s bounty is harvested.”

    If it is Mahishasura during Dasara, it is Narakasura during Deepavali in the South and Ravana in the North.

    Bali, defeated by Trivikrama, rises annually at harvest time marked by Onam in Kerala and Deepavali and Balipadyami elsewhere.

    Ritual bath and  til oil  :  Mythology says,  Narakasura wreaked havoc, and was killed by Krishna after a fierce battle. He is offered a gingelly oil bath to rejuvenate him from the ordeal. Hence, in memory of the valiant fight the previous night, on Naraka Chaturdashi day, devotees take a bath around 4.30 am. This is the first day of the festival and is celebrated on Wednesday, October 22 this year -2014.

    The second day is welcoming of Goddess Lakshmi while the third day is Balipadyami. The King is welcomed with the lighting of lamps. In the rural countryside, it is thanksgiving to the animals, especially the bulls that are ornately decorated and fed delicacies.

    On the fourth day, married sisters welcome their brothers to their homes and this is known as Yama Dwitheeya.

    Darkness to Light :  Bhagavad Githa indicates,  “In the North, the first day is the celebration of the return of Lord Ram after killing Ravana.   People welcome him by lighting lamps. A Ganga snan is undertaken, with the body being smeared with oil, prepared the previous night with cumin seeds and peppercorns till it acquires a pleasant aroma. The second day of Amavasya is Lakshmi Puja. This is in commemoration of the emergence of Lakshmi or Sri from the ocean. This is the day of opening of accounts and the start of the New Year. The goddess is welcomed with clay lamps. She does not enter a dark house.”

    On Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for prosperity and it holds special significance for the business community, who decorate and renovate their premises.

    The whole family gets together for a shopping expedition, buying clothes, ornaments, utensils, and the choicest gifts. On this day, it is a tradition to purchase some or the other precious metal item. "You can see people flocking to buy gold and silver as well as brass and steel. It is good business for the metalware shops here,” says  a businessman.

    Sacred cattle  :    In the rural areas of Karnataka, on Balipadyami, people rejoice late into the night to honour King Bali. They pray for good crops and seek his protection from diseases for their animals. “In Dakshina Kannada, on Balipadyami day also known as Yaksa ratri, it is believed that the earth is handed over to Kubera and the night is celebrated by all the yaksas in his honour. This could relate to an understanding between the Vedic and non-Vedic people, that resulted in the handing over of land taken by the Vedic people back to the original inhabitants. The yaksas could be the non-Vedic people,”  says the researcher.

    Lighted to Light  :   Usually, the Hindus pray on Deepavali for prosperity and good fortune round the year. Sikhs light up the Golden Temple to mark the day when Guru Har Govind Singh freed himself and the Hindu kings from the prison of the Mughal rulers. Jains celebrate the festival to mark the final liberation of Lord Mahaveera.

    Once again a very Happy Deepawali to all.


    Compiled : I J S Shet ...

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  • "Media, public should join hands with police dept"

    Bantwal: All necessary steps will be taken to avoid traffic jams at the Vittal junction, Bantwal ASP Rahul Kumar S, told reporters after visiting Vittal police station.

    Due to shortage of staff, we could not implement the order passed by District commissioner in a proper way. Parking at the junction for all the vehicles will be stopped in coming days. Fine will be levied on those vehicles that do not act according to the laid down rules and also their vehicle will be seized. So public should co-operate with us, he said.

    He also said, "The mining department should take action against sand mafia, and not the police department. Our duty is to give security when their department raids on illegal sand mine. RTO is responsible for handling and prohibiting goods vehicles not the police department. We only can levy fines on them", he said.

    Law and order will prevail in Vittal only when public and media supports the department.
    On NH Mani junction accident cases are increasing day by day. High speed and irresonsible driving is the reason, he said. We are trying to control speed by putting barricades in zigzag manner as the National highway authority does not permit to put humps at junctions and accident zones, he said.

    Vittal sub-inspector Raghavendra T R was also present.


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  • Speeding bus rams into two-wheeler; rider serious

    Bantwal: In a bus-two wheeler collision, one person suffered serious injuries here at NH 75 in Talapady on Tuesday.

    The injured is identified as Ranjith a resident of Barimaru.

    Ranjith, a TV mechanic, was hit by speeding bus from behind when he reached the Talapady junction on the NH. He was thrown out and the bus ran over his stomach, eyewitnesses said. Immediately he was taken to Thumbe Hospital.

    ASI Nandakumar and team visited the spot and have registered a case in this regard.

    Many accident cases have been reported in this junction earlier too. In this particular road vehicles run with high speed. Locals have urged police to take appropriate action to stop accidents in future.


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  • Mangalore: Pangal Murder - Accused Satish Baikampady Secures Anticipatory Bail

    Mangalore: The state high court has granted anticipatory bail to Satish Baikampady, accused in the murder of Mogaveera Mahasabha leader Gangadhar Pangal.

    The killing had taken place on May 14 earlier this year. Bhaskar and Harish Baikampady, brothers of Satish, and Pushparaj who was connected to the Bolero vehicle used to knock the victim down, have been under arrest already. Satish had been evading arrest since the killing.

    The Panambur police had filed a chargesheet in the court. Since Satish failed to appear after a summons was issued, the court issued a warrant for his arrest. Mogaveera organizations had staged rallies to get him arrested early.

    Now the high court has granted anticipatory bail to Satish. It has also ordered the released of Bhaskar and Harish on bail.


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  • Kundapur: 58-year-old Woman Found Murdered at Bidkalakatte

    Kundapur: A 58-year-old woman's body was found in Hardalli - Mandalli at Bidkalakatte here on October 21.

    The deceased has been identified as Sita Kulal (58), a resident of Nalthur, Yadadi Mathyadi. She was a member of the self help group. 

    On October 21, Sita had been to the bank to deposit the collected amount by the self help group members, but never returned home. Her family members thought that she might be busy at her work place and so they did not worry much. But in the afternoon they received the shocking news that Sita's body was found in the bushes near Haradalli college with her face disfigured. Locals who had gone to gather grass were scared after seeing Sita's disfigured face.

    Kota police immediately reached the spot when they were informed by the locals. Police also informed the family members to reach the spot to identify the body. The motive of the murder is yet to be ascertained.

    Some locals who were cutting grass in the nearby area had heard the cry which they thought might be of some wild animal, leaving the grass behind they had fled from the place.

    Brahmavar Circle Inspector Arun Naik also reached the spot. The canine squad was also called for further investigation. A case has been registered in Kota  police station. ...

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Mangalore News
Mumbai Rounds
  • Mumbai: Karnire Vishwanath Shetty Elected President of Bunts Sangha

    Mumbai: The 86th Annual meeting of the Bunts Sangha was held on 19 October, 2014 at Radhabai T Bhandary Auditorium, Buntara Bhavan, Kurla East, under the president ship of CA Shankar Shetty.

    Karnire Vishwanath Shetty who was the Vice President of the Sangha was unanimously elected as the president of Bunts Sangha, Mumbai.

    Earlier Karnire Vishwanath Shetty served as Chairman of Bunts Sangha’s Education and Welfare committee, Membership registration committee and has continuously received gold medals for increasing the members of the Sangha within a short period. he has received 17 Gold Medals from the Sangha.

    K Vishwanath Shetty Hails from Karnire, near Mulky, he is the son of Bola Nandabettu Sundar Shetty and Girija Shetty. After his graduation from Vijaya College Mulky he came to Mumbai and started hotel business. He has been recognized as a successful hotelier, having hotels not only in Mumbai but also in Mangalore, Bangalore, etc. Married to Lata Shetty daughter of Padeel, Perla Balakrisha Naik and Naduithlu Sumathi Naik, he is blessed with 3 children Rishika, Vaishnavi and Mahrshi.
    Recipient of several awards and felicitations, Karnire is also well known for his Social work, he was the president of Vasai Hotel Owners Association, Founder president of Tulunada Bunts, Vasai and even president and secretary of several Educational, Cultural, Traditional organisations. He is also one of the directors of Mathrubhoomi Credit Society. He is sponsoring more than 150 students in Karnire Village. Karnire Vishwanath Shetty is the 27th president of Bunts Sangha, Mumbai.

    Lata Jayaram Shetty an active member and vice chairperson of Ladies Wing was elected as the Chairperson of the Ladies Wing. Vivek V Shetty has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Youth Wing. Outgoing president CA Shankar Shetty congratulated all the newly elected office bearers.


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  • Woman techie goes missing

    A 26-year-old techie named Bhavya Sri Charitha has gone missing from her house in Kukatpally Housing Board Colony (KPHB). The incident came to light late on Thursday night. Bhavya Sri is an employee of Open Text Technologies India at Mindspace IT Park, HiTech City, Madhapur. She took a private cab for office on Thursday morning. However, she didn’t return at night. Bhavya Sri, who belongs to Vijayawada, was staying with her husband Karthik Chaitanya, who works with a hardware company near her office. The couple got married two-and-a-half years ago and was staying in Seventh Phase KPHB. Police said that on Thursday morning Bhavya Sri left home in a private cab after informing her husband. She took the private cab as she was late and had missed the cab provided by the company. “It was 8.10 am and she was late. So she took the private cab. After boarding the cab she kept messaging her husband about her whereabouts,” said inspector M. Rajaiah. Sources said that from the time of hiring the cab she was chatting with her husband on WhatsApp. She told him that she was in the cab and had started for office. But sometime later, he stopped getting replies for his messages including the question, ‘Did u reach office?’ Later, when he called her mobile it was found switched off. Usually, she returns home in the evening. But she didn’t do so on Thursday. “Her husband who waited for her to return grew nervous. He called her office and they said that she had not come for the day. Her mobile also remained switched off,” inspector V. Sreekanth Goud said. After searching in all possible places Chaitanya lodged a complaint with the police late on Thursday night and a missing case was registered. The cops set up four teams and sent one each to Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada to trace her. One team is in Hyderabad. The cops think that she must have gone with her friends. However, they say that there are still no clues. Sources said the cops are questioning various people in connection with the case. The CCTV footage from the surveillance cameras too has been collected. “We have collected footage from all cameras near her house, on the roads and at various junctions on the way. Her call data too is being collected,” said an official, adding that they are also checking the last calls and messages send and if the couple had any disputes. Till the latest reports came in on Friday night, Bhavya Sri has not been traced. Though there were reports of her being traced the police denied them. “Our special teams are on the job. They have been sent to various places. As of now there is no information regarding her. Our efforts will continue till we trace her,” said Madhapur Zone DCP L. Karthikeya. ...

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  • New Delhi : Nadda replaces Ananth Kumar as secretary of key BJP poll panel

    New Delhi : Senior leader JP Nadda has been apointed the secretary of BJP's revamped Central Election Committee by party chief Amit Shah, replacing Ananth Kumar.


    The 15-membe CEC, which decides on the party candidates and takes other important election related decisions at the national level, was recently revamped by Shah after he took charge as party chief.


    Party veterans like L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi have been replaced with young faces like Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Nadda.


    Nadda is the party's national general secretary. Kumar held the position of Secretary of CEC for a long time.


    The new CEC's first task will be to finalise candidates for Haryana Assembly polls.


    Among its members are Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj,?Venkaiah Naidu and Nitin Gadkari.


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Gulf Rounds
  • Abu Dhabi: Michael D’Silva Elected President of Konkani Cultural Organization

    Abu Dhabi:  Dynamic community leader Michael D’silva has been elected as the new president of Konkani Cultural Organization (KCO) – the premier Konkani organization of Abu Dhabi for the year 2014 – 2015, during its Annual General Meeting held on Thursday October 16, 2014.

    KCO has been growing in popularity year after year and has become a household name in  UAE stepping into 20th year. KCO has initiated several scholarships for needy students through Samanvaya of Mangalore and have donated several lakhs through their charitable work in the past. They are involved in various social, cultural and religious activities in Abu Dhabi.

    Michael D’silva – President. A well know figure in Abu Dhabi, a philanthropist, was elected as the President of KCO Abu Dhabi for the third time. A very humble in nature and a very organized personality.

    Canute Pinto – General Secretary – A down to earth hard working and an superb Master of Ceremony, Canute has been elected as General Secretary for the 2nd time. He has in his treasure, experience of involvement in social activities in the youth movement back in Mangalore. He is also known for his best organizing skills.

    Amita Costa – Treasurer – CA by profession, elected as Treasurer. She is also actively involved in Throw Ball Team.

    The new executive committee for the year 2014 – 2015 has been formed and the members are as follows:

    President                          : Michael D’Silva
    Vice President                   : Richard Castelino
    Gen Secretary                   : Canute Pinto
    Asst. Gen Secretary          : Jaison Correa
    Treasurer                         : Amitha Costa
    Auditor                             : Franky Donald DSilva
    Entertainment Secretary   : Vivek Serrao
    Sports Secretary               : Valerian Fernandes
    PRO & Media Co-ordinator: Lancy D’Souza

    Advisors                          : Leo Rodrigues
                                            Dolphy Vas
                                            Valerian D'Almaida

    Outgoing president Valerian D’Almaida thanked all the office bearers and committee members for their tremendous support during his tenure as president. Newly elected president Michael D’silva also thanked everyone for reposing faith on him and electing him as a president of KCO. He promised that with the support of all the members, KCO will be holding many activities in the coming years.


    Konkani Cultural Organization (KCO), a household name among the Mangalorean Catholic Community in Abu Dhabi, has gained popularity through their various charitable, cultural and religious activities. By bringing together the various sections of Mangalorean people under one umbrella, it has proved by its deeds & actions that it is a premier organization in Abu Dhabi and an equal organization in standing comparable to other sister organizations across the UAE and the gulf.

    KCO by their wonderful work has transformed itself as a mirror reflecting the culture, tradition and upholding the values of our great ancestors and has turned out to be a focal point for the Mangalorean community in Abu Dhabi.

    The Konkani speaking Mangaloreans have created a niche for themselves in Abu Dhabi through their wonderful community work. The Mangaloreans in Abu Dhabi have the honor of organizing the first ever "Mangalorean Day" in the entire UAE way back in the 70's. They too have the privilege of staging the first ever Konkani stage play in the Emirates on May 3rd, 1973.

    KCO Abu Dhabi is gaining in popularity year after year through their various activities aimed at bringing together the community for group programmes and also because of its strong support for the economically backward and less fortunate members of the community in the UAE and back home. ...

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  • Abu Dhabi: Karnataka Sangha to Celebrate Rajyotsava 2014 on Nov 7

    Abu Dhabi: Folk Dances will enthrall the Karnataka Rajyotsava  Celebration 2014 to be held on 7th November at I.S.C.

    Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha - a premier organization of all Kannadigas residing in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. is all set for the grand Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration 2014 to be held on Friday the 7th November 2014 at the India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi. During the whole day celebrations, Folk Dances of Karnataka will be the main attractions, said Karnataka Rajyotsava Prashasti recipient Sarvotham Shetty  speaking to the mediapersons.


    The programme will commence at 10:30 am and will be attended by many VVIPs and Dignitaries namely;  H E TP Seetharam, Indian Ambassador to UAE will be the Chief Guest and Presided by - Dr (Mrs) & Dr. B R Shetty, Patron of UAE Kannadiga's.

    Speaking to the mediapersons Sarvotham Shetty further said that during this year’s celebrations importance will be given to our traditional folk dances and encourage our children to participate in large numbers. A special team of 24 young girl’s troupe from Bangalore will be specially flown to perform on this special day.  These young students will perform 8 varieties of folk dances and a dance drama titled "PUNYAKOTI" by the young students of St Ann’s School, Venkat International School and Venus International School, Bangalore. The entire Folk Dances will be choreographed by Nagalaxmi K Rao.


    Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha has instituted a distinguished  award in the name of ‘Vara Kavi’ D.R.Bendre.  This is a special coveted annual award shall be conferred on the persons who have contributed towards development of Kannnada culture, language, sahitya  and heritage in this part of the world. The award shall be conferred at every Rajyotsava Celebration day of the Sangha.

    The organizing committee announced that this year’s Da Ra Bendre Award will be presented to Prakash Rao Payyar, President of Dhwani Prathistana, UAE – Prakash Rao Payyar is instrumental in developing Kannada language through staging various Kannnada dramas in U.A.E. last several years.  Some of the most difficult dramas of Girish Karnad has been staged in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also recently "Iti Ninna Amruta" written by Girish Kaikini was also staged successfully in Dubai.

    The organizing committee announced that this year’s Da Ra Bendre Award will be presented to Prakash Rao Payyar, President of Dhwani Prathistana, UAE – Prakash Rao Payyar is instrumental in developing Kannada language through staging various Kannnada dramas in U.A.E. last several years. Some of the most difficult dramas of Girish Karnad has been staged in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also recently "Iti Ninna Amruta" written by Girish Kaikini was also staged successfully in Dubai.

    Previously, he has been awarded the prestigious Karnataka State Nataka Academy Award for the year 2009-2010. The Karnataka Nataka Academy has conferred this award in recognition of his contributions to Kannada Theatre activities on foreign soil.

    Rao was also honored with "Karnataka Chetana" award from Ranga Samaja Cultural Association, Bangaulore in 2004 and "Jnana Saraswati Award" from Jnana Mandara Academy, Bangalore in 2005. He was honoured with "Nobel Man" award in All India Kannada Cultural Convention held in Goa in May 2007. Rashtra Kavi Dr Shivarudrappa honoured him on the occasion of World Kannada Culture Convention held in Kuwait in the year 2007. 2009 Mayura Award presented to him from Karnataka Sangha Sharjah.

    Another Kannada personality from Karnataka, Mangalore to attend the Karnataka Rajyostava 2014 is bureau-chief senior journalist of Udayavani, Manohar Prasad.. He is a great orator and recipient of coveted "Karki Venkataramana Shastry Soori Award – 2014" initiated by the Mumbai-based Havyaka Welfare Trust ® one among the most reputed social welfare organization. Manohar Prasad is well known in journalism sphere. He has over four-decade experience in journalism in undivided Dakshina Kannada district. He has bagged Karnataka Rajyotsav Award in 2005 and has been felicitated by over 500 social welfare and voluntary organizations so far. The Shastry Award presented to him as memorial to his great contributions to Kannada literature in the late nineteenth century nine years ago.



    The entertainment and cultural shows will captivate the audience throughout day beginning with Group Songs by Abu DhabiKarnataka Sangha Members followed by main attraction of the day i.e.
    Folk Dances by Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha Members and Bangalore based troupe will entertain the audience with their mesmerizing dances. In addition there will be Dance dramas by Rohini Ananth Group & Sapna Kiran Group which promises to mesmerize the audience.


    Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha is also privileged to honour those students who have achieved 90% and above in 10th  & 12th and excelled  during last academic year.  Also those who have excelled in the field of sports (CBSE national level) during the year 2013-2014 including the winners of Shaikh Hamdan Award and Sharjah Award.  The parents of all winners in the above are requested to register their children names for the felicitation during the Karnataka Rajyostava.  Please intimate with Sarvotham Shetty through his email ID:

    Around 2000 Kannadiga's are expected from all over UAE to attend the grand Rajyostava celebrations. All the UAE Kannadiga s are invited to participate in the celebrations.

    Sarvotham Shetty also announced to the media that Koosamma Shambu Shetty Memorial Throw Ball Tournament will be held on 23rd January 2015 which will be a Silver Jubilee of KSSM Tournament. A large number of men and women Throwballteams are expected from India and Gulf countries to participate in this memorable Silver Jubilee tournament along with the local teams.

    Please contact the following organizing committee members for further details on Karnataka Rajyostava Celebrations and lunch coupons:

    Sarvotham Shetty  : 050-6125 464
    Manohar Thonse    : 050-5212 079
    Yogish Prabhu       : 050-6613 735
    Sudhir Shetty         : 050-7916 782
    Ravindra Rai          : 050-6176 149
    Syed Siraj Ahmed  : 050-6221 809
    Pradip Kirodian      : 050-4953 432
    Bennet D'Mello       : 050-6429 616
    Loyolla Pinto          : 050-8189 788
    Umesh Rao             :055-7566 385
    Praveen Rao          : 050-7214 115
    Melwyn Fernandes : 055-4057569
    Vijay Rao               : 055-5528 307
    Altaf M S                : 050-5683 776
    Bhavani Sharma     : 050-8106078


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  • Dubai: Indian arrested in UAE for murdering compatriot

    Dubai, Oct 21 (IANS) Police in the emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have arrested an Indian man for the alleged murder of a 28-year-old compatriot 24 hours after the crime, media reported.

    Police said Monday that they received a call Sunday saying that the body of an Indian was lying on a chair in the guard's room of a construction company in Al Dhaid area.

    A team of forensic experts, patrol, ambulance and public prosecution officials, rushed to the scene and found the body in a pool of blood as the victim had been hit in the head with a blunt tool, Khaleej Times reported.

    After collecting all the information about the victim, identified only by his initials A.T.S, and his connections, police zeroed in on the suspect and arrested him.

    He reportedly confessed to committing the crime during interrogation, saying that the victim had insulted him the day before.

    The suspect has been referred to Al Dhaid public prosecution.


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    Article by: Deepti Rani''I want my son to be an engineer..... I want my daughter to be a doctor..... '' Am quite sure this is a common expectation from most of the parents . When I passed my SSLC with 92% my parents forced me to take up Science though I was interested in Arts . When I passed my PU board exam with 91% my parents forced me to take up engineering although I aspired to be a lawyer . When I asked my parents "Why science ? Why not arts ?" they said " Society thinks only dull students take up arts ". Wait a second !! What is this society now ? Don't you think even my parents belong to the same society which thinks arts is meant for dull students ? If all parents blindly followed this cheap social mentality we wouldn't get a great teacher - Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan , great singer - Latha Mangeshkar , great advocate - K.S Hegde , great astronaut - Kalpana Chawla and so on.... If Sachin Tendulkar's dad would force him to clear the subject that he once flunked then today the world wouldn't get 'The God of Cricket' . At the end of the day it's not our degree that counts but its the satisfaction that matters. We have one life . And the biggest adventure is to live the life of our DREAMS . Each one of us are born with a talent and nobody can beat us in that . Most of us enjoy the dance performance given by others . But when the same talent lies in our own house nobody supports it because we want to have an engineer or a doctor who can raise the family reputation. We often blame our system and politicians . We expect lot of development and changes in society. But we never take an initiative to bring that change ourselves . India needs young energetic leaders to bring in change . But unfortunately very few parents encourage their children to get into politics . To all the parents who force their children to take up a particular stream here is a piece of advice .Only a poet can write a beautiful poem, only a sculptor can give us a beautiful sculpture . Even a sweeper if he's really passionate about his work then his passion can make him the best sweeper that the world has ever seen. No work is inferior or superior in the eyes of God . Here is a story which I came across in one of the lectures that I attended in my college. There lived a bank manager who had a son who flunked in his PU board exams . Even at the second attempt he couldn't manage to clear the subject .His dad was upset that his son was ineligible to take up engineering. But his son had a high knowledge about the cars and it's functioning . So he started working at the garage. One fine day he came across an advertisement given by FORD car manufacturing company which was asking for a solution regarding a major car design problem . The advertisement mentioned that the person with best solution will be rewarded Rs 32 crores. This guy who was extremely passionate about cars approached the company with the solution .They implemented his design and his idea actually solved the major design problem . Thus he was awarded Rs.32 crores . He was asked to give lectures to Research and Mtech students at NIT's regarding his design . Further he was given a 100 crore overdraft for his next project . His dad who once considered him to be useless was now proud of him . Probably this guy wouldn't have achieved this success if he was forced to take up engineering . I guess this is the best example for great achievement by ordinary person with an extraordinary passion . I hope my article will motivate atleast few parents to support and encourage their children in the field that they are passionate about. Because THE WORLD NEEDS lawyers , singers , sportsmen , astronauts , politicians and many OTHERS TOO. Article by: Deepti Rani

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  • Be Aware...Job Consultancy Fraud Companies in action.

    I am Deepalaxmi from Mangalore, Karnataka. I have been following Your Channel from past decade.
    I request you to help me in one of the problem faced by many job seekers including me by one of
    the recruitment company below. I want you to take action against this so that no other individuals
    would be cheated in future by this company and also no other such fraudulant people can get guts to
    play with other people's money, time and talent.

    I have been cheated by the following company, which claims to be a job consultant. A lady called me
    and asked me to register my profile in their website: by paying Rs.1685/-, for which
    i have not received any confirmation mail. After that the call was transferred to another person who claimed
    himself to do profile verification for my profile and asked me to pay Rs.6180/- for the same, which was not
    intimated to me earlier.

    The Company has been cheating many people in the similar manner which i got to know later when i searched for
    the company in google.

    Request you to kindly take necessary action against this company and stop other people from being cheated by them.
    The company address is below:

    DELHI - 110091, INDIA
    Telephone: 011-45671678
    website url:

    By: Deepalaxmi

    Raise your voice against any such issues in your surroundings. Drop us a mail to- ...

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